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  • Marilyn J. Adams - Excellent!

    This software is very easy to use with step by step instructions and friendly userface. In a world of predators, every parent or guardian out there needs to protect what they love most: their family and their investments. With this software I was able to monitor my familys usage with time limits, find out who they were talking to before they were led astray and even monitor the items they downloaded onto my computer. A+ Mcaffee!

  • forfaith - Was very hopeful, but very disappointed

    I had called for help because my granddaughter was 5 and after receiving the program and trying it for a couple of weeks I thought it was not really for kids her age. I was assured it would help and to try it for a while longer... Some of the ideas did help and I really did try to adjust them for her age. I did not find the customer service very helpful either. I finished the program the best I could for a 5 year old, and sent in the survey to get the cost of the program refunded to me, and guess what??? They didn't refund it! No reason in the world will allow them to give me my refund, I didn't have a working copier at the time so I didn't copy they survey and when they tried to tell me I didn't answer 1 question, I could not prove that I did. I would not recommend this to anyone. Take the child to someone in person for help based on the child's age. This is not a one size fits all program! Very misleading.

  • Shawn Johnson - Junk! !

    I bought my first one on June 1st. By June 15th the unlock button stopped working .I returned it and received a second one this one only made it 4 days before the unlock button stopped working. Chinese reproduced garbage. You get what you pay for with this. You have been warned

  • arka - Weak strings

    I got this racquet yesterday and the stock string broke after 2 hours of play. I racquet seems pretty good with very light weight and good feel but the strings were not good.

  • gofishavon - Don't waste your money on T25

    At best it's half a workout. Workouts are repetitive from Insanity but not nearly as intense. If you need weight loss, this program simply doesn't burn enough calories. You would need to drastically cut calories to meet the weight loss claims and you can do that without spending the money on this disappointing program. My wife and I have done P90X (great), Insanity (OK), Pump (great) and various Jillian (OK) workouts and they are all better than T25. This is the Sensa of Beach Body programs. Plus Shaun T's uninformed knowledge of exercise physiology is just maddening. No, I am not working my obliques by simply turning to my left. The "weightlifting" is pathetic. We patiently waited for it to get better but after 5 weeks of Alpha and one week of Beta it just doesn't work. If you have Insanity, just do it over. You'll save the money and get a better workout.

  • gale gale - This works fantastic, no problems and better response time in moving around

    I purchased this because I wanted to buy a TV that would last 4 or 5 years down the road. I am a full Samsung from tablets to phones person and now the 7500 TV. I don't think people take the time to read or follow instructions very well. They apparently think there smarter then the instruction manual. I admit I am a very careful person who likes perfection. It took me 2 hours and 15 min. To upgrade and plug in and upgrade again. Patience pays off. Everything came to life and the upgrade went as instructed. Thank you Samsung for your finest technology, I will be back for all your products. People take your time don't rush and don't think your driving through McDonald's, Things take time and precision, and don't go into doing things with an attitude that you know everything. Again I am so pleased with this upgrade.