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  • Jen F. - Cools Your Drinks

    I love this thing! My brother bought it for my husband and we loved it so much we gave him one a few years later! This can chill a can in 1 minute and a bottle in 3. It even comes with an attachment so that you can bring the cooler tailgating and hook up to your lighter. It works well and we've never had any issues with it in the 2 years we've owned it.

  • Book Maze - Aveeno sheer tinted moisturizer is better than BB or CC cream foundation

    Aveeno sheer tinted moisturizer is better than BB or CC cream foundation. Aveeno's sheer tinted moisturizer with minerals is like using the Bare Mineral powder, because it goes on smooth and looks natural. You don't know you're wearing it. It doesn't clog pores, or cause break outs. I have sensitive skin and oilier in T zone. I have olive complexion, not dark so I use medium tint. I have some wrinkles around my eyes, and this product is not heavy in the eye area, blends easily. Added benefits to protect the skin from sun with SPF 30. As you can tell, I really like this product. I use to buy all kinds of foundation, After I found this one, it's the only one I'm going to use. I do like to use a mineral powder for my cheeks, jaw line,nose and forehead to give me that glow.

  • Amazon Customer - A Man's Review at 9 Weeks; Not Perfect, but Better than the Alternatives

    I bought this 9 weeks ago, and have used it roughly every 10-12 days (admittedly, a little more frequently than the once every two weeks the package recommends), with the goal of getting rid of all of the hair on my chest and abdomen, just for fun. I wanted to be able to feel my wife skin-on-skin without all of my hair in the way. I have pale skin, and black hair; basically the ideal skin/hair combo for this product, so beware that if your skin is darker or your hair is lighter, you may either have more pain, or less results.

  • anthony gil - ... right inmediatly I bought it and it is work pretty good at my ps4 console

    Amazon sent me the digital code right inmediatly I bought it and it is work pretty good at my ps4 console.

  • HP Fox - Thank you Anthony Carey and the Function First Approach

    After suffering for more than 8 years with chronic low back pain I was fortunate to learn of Anthony Carey and the Function First Approach. I have always led an active lifestyle but after reaching my mid-thirties the years of misalignment had taken it's toll. Rather than "elect" for surgery I educated myself and found Anthony Carey. WOW... What a difference. After identifying the CAUSE of my pain, Anthony gave me the specific exercises to alleviate the pain once and for all. (All this without surgery or special equipment!) Now I maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle. Kudos Anthony Carey and the Function First Approach.

  • Diana - Fantastic magazine for kids

    It was a birthday gift for my young niece and she absolutely loves it. I am renewing the subscription so she can enjoy it for another year.