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  • Tricia T. - perfect protection

    awesome carpet protection! a lil expensive but worth protecting floors from salt and debris tracked in by dirty shoes! Worth It!

  • SexiCola - Works like a miracle

    When I saw this product in store I thought it was a little pricey. But considering that all the other cheaper so-called nail fungus products that I had tried were a waste of time, I figured you probably get what you pay for. I also saw that the stock on the shelf was really low and I surmised that it was because it works. I used it with great doubt, thinking it was probably like all the rest. Honestly I didn't even follow the twice a day instructions. In fact I actually missed a day or two but this stuff still worked like a miracle and cleared my toenails completely up. I recommend this product to anyone. It gets the job done fast!

  • J. Smith - Cute, cheaply made junk- buyer beware!

    Wife bought this for our 3yo, who never touched it, and it worked fine for about 5 months. Now it is apparent that there is an electrical problem inside the clock, as power will only intermittently connect, just sitting there with no external disturbance.

  • Luke Dennison - Best Dance game!!

    I always liked the Just dance franchise. This one is just as good, about the same as previous just dance games. I got it for my xbox 360 and I love the way the Kinect works. The dancers has washed out faces usually but that is just the style of the game. It is good for exercising too. Remember it does not teach you the moves, you have the follow the dancer, as you play a certain song more it do start to get better and learn the moves. Overall this game is worth the 5 stars

  • William W. Gum - Bargain Buy for Pools

    Exactly as described and a perfect fit for me. Fantastic price, great value and no hassles on shipping.