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Zelthy — India's first specialty pharmacy - Zelthy is India's first Specialty Pharmacy. We work with patients and doctors to make complex medicines accessible, affordable and to increase treatment outcomes.

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  • Seeds of Joy - 370Z

    got it for my 370Z and could not be happier. Sleek finish, and so far has not failed which is a good thing!

  • jack wilson - conflics

    it had conflicks with my operating system ,windows 8 I could not get the pc tune up to install on my laptop

  • latentimage - Seems to work for me

    I was worried that this wouldn't be the exact same current product that Onnit sells (there is an old version), but I was happy to discover it is the exact same. As far as how it's working, I have been taking the supplement for about two weeks, and I can notice a difference in my focus. I can also recall somewhat inconsequential details about things that I seem to have forgotten over the years. Additionally, my dream recall has improved immensely, and I have remembered my dreams literally every night since I have started taking this stuff. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. Give it a try, and get it here a little cheap than you can from Onnit!

  • K. Chevitanondr - Cargo is now covered

    So this was something my husband wanted and it does it's job, it covers the cargo area. I'm not sure why it needed covering, but it's now covered. It is easy to install and use and it is nice for keeping your groceries out of the sun if you have to make a stop. The only reason I deducted a star was for the price ...it is no better or worse between Amazon and the dealership but either way it is overpriced for what it is.

  • The Slug - Good luck getting your refund!!!

    This product is a waste of money and there were no results!! If the product was soooo great and worked as promised, then why is it soooo hard to return your product? Nerium's customer service was terrible; when I tried to call into their customer service, the line stated that due to the overwhelming call volume, they would not be able to answer my call. Then I called the customer service line back later and waited on hold for 1 hour. When I finally did get a customer service associate, they said that I had to get a refund #, then send the product back and even with an unopened, unused bottle, I may not get back my whole purchase price. And, be sure that you send the product back within 10 days of getting your refund #, because otherwise you don't get your refund at ALL!!! This whole process seems shady and unreputable from a company that claims proven results and great customer service. You would think if their product lived up to its claims, they would have no problem refunding your money, because they would have so few people returning the product!!!

  • cawess - Too soon to know...

    I only gave Idol Lash 4 stars as it takes time to know if it is working. The lashes will take time to grow and I haven't seen a difference yet. I would love for it to work, however, it takes one's dedication to use the product faithfully and maybe on some it just won't work. We'll see!