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  • Alex & Taylor - Bent plates

    This comes with several packages of plates, two of these packages were bent and not useable. To be fair I did not contact anyone for a refund or return.

  • Seeker - Worth its weight in diamonds!!!

    Fortunate are those who have stumbled across this book in their search for health, cures or detoxification. This book should be compulsory reading at every high school, medical school and pharmaceutical company. I always like to follow those people who have established by example what they propound in their writings.

  • Kaye Cook - A always a great read.......

    I love Virgil, Lucas.....all the characters in theses books. This one was harder to get into because of the concept. Once I got far enough, it was a pleasure.

  • Amazon Customer - High Priced for what is actually there

    For what is in the box, it should have been about 50 bucks or so. There are NO surround sound mixes or any kind of upgraded audio, so I feel a bit cheated for the amount of money spent. The music that is included is good, but not worth the asking price. Skip it, buy the other Immersion sets instead which do have surround sound mixes, etc.

  • Kindle Customer - lots of hype for nothing

    The way I tried BE is by purchasing the introductory boxed set that had several colors, brushes and a video on how to use it. I used BE for an entire week following the video instructions exactly. I use a good skin care regimen (cleanse-tone-moisturize) to make sure my skin was properly prepared, and all to no success. IT MADE MY PORES LOOK HUGE. It accentuated fine lines. It made my skin appear overly shiny. It clogged my pores. I tried to make it work, but finally gave up and sent it back. I did end up liking the Mineral Veil powder applied as a finishing powder over my regular foundation (rather than over their foundation). It is very translucent and easy to apply. The rest of the BE products really were a lot more hype than substance in my opinion. I tried the eyeliner powder too, and it really irritated my eyes.