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  • Juan Vazquez - It could be more user friendly

    it work OK, it still needs to be more user friendly, I hated to see MS money go away, now I hope that Quicken becomes more user friendly and if the price came down some I would buy the updates every year just to see if they overcame their burdensome.

  • southernilfarm - Great value, solid car

    Purchased this 2012 car new at the end of the model year for $16,300. It is the GLS model with a manual 6-speed transmission and has all the goodies I require in a vehicle. Since purchasing this car, I've done all the scheduled maintenance and driven it about 100,000 miles. It has been rock solid reliable. It gets a steady 32 to 36 miles per gallon in mostly highway driving.

  • KoiMom - Evelyn, After - A Great Read!

    I stumbled upon this book, was intrigued by the brief description & started reading page one. I could barely put it down from that moment on! A simple beginning turned into a complicated tale with twists & turns that kept the momentum going. As the story unfolded I found myself turning the pages faster & faster. I would definitely recommend this book. It meticulously explores the ramifications of a dark & serious event where no one is really who they appear to be. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Stone's writing style & look forward to her next book. I hope it's half as entertaining as this one was!

  • David Farrington - I had Mcafee last year and it updated automatically costing ...

    I had Mcafee last year and it updated automatically costing $95 but was reimbursed when I called. I ordered this program for @10.00 and it Mcafee loaded the latest version. I had problems installing on one computer but Mcafee support was able to make the necessary adjustments and load it for me. Their support is second to none.

  • outstanding - EXCELLENT

    This book was so cool!!!!! I love it and it was good. I like the part where the second slumber party (not the mean girls. I just forgot the nice ppl names.) Got revenge on the first party by putting embarrassing pics up on thier house and put up that sign that said "welcome to the slumber party wars"