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XCommNet | XCommNet - Internet Bonding | Marine | Yachts | Rapid Deployment | Constrcution | Broadband - XCommNet - Providers of high-speed, reliable internet bonding. Specialists in marine, yacht, construction, rapid deployment, event and exhibition internet.

  • https://www.xcommnet.com/bonding-service/ XCommNet | Internet Bonding Service - XCommNet offer true internet bonding of available bandwidth. With uses in the marine industry to construction.
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/rugged-vpn/ XCommNet | RuggedVPN - The next generation of internet bonding solutions - RuggedVPN is the next generation firmware enabling routers to achieve their full potential out-of-the-box.
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/applications/virtual-leased-line/ XCommNet | Virtual Leased Line - perfect for virtual private networks (VPN) or Voice over IP (VPN), - Virtual Leased Line - Combining the bandwidth of multiple consumer connections, businesses can benefit from increased bandwidth and reliability at lower cost
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/applications/marine-internet/ XCommNet | Yachts Internet - Marine Internet | Yacht Broadband | Yacht Wi-Fi - Mobile radio is the ideal choice for yachts Internet connections when cruising around the coast or moored up.
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/applications/vehicles-internet/ XCommNet | Vehicle Internet - | Construction Internet |Mobile Broadband | Vehicle Broadband - We offer a solution for stable broadband Internet on vehicles based on Viprinet routers which are capable of bonding connections from multiple providers
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/applications/rapid-deployment/ XCommNet | Rapid Site Deployment - Internet Bonding | Mobile Internet | VIPRINET - Rapid site deployment from Xcommnet provides you with fast and reliable Internet Connectivity
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/applications/media-streaming/ XCommNet | Media Streaming - Conference Streaming | Audio Streaming | Mediaport | Live Event Internet - Video and Audio Streaming brings live events and situations directly to you, XcommNet offer the perfect media streaming solutions.
  • https://www.xcommnet.com/internet4exhibitions/ XCommNet | Exhibition Internet | Conference Internet | Internet Bonding | Mobile Broadband - Revolutionise your exhibition or conference, with; secure, fast and reliable internet solutions from XCommNet.

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  • Anita Rogers - I had a good time watching it

    I think there is so much truth in the information about the equipment and spirit box's and the whole thing about how EVP's reliability is dependent on the listener. I had a good time watching it. Nice to see Aaron Goodwin cameo too. He is awesome sauce.

  • BluesBrother - Good Buy - I Like It

    Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this product. It works as described, and the price is certainly reasonable. The volume of the headset is good, and callers have no problem hearing me. Plenty of earbuds are included, as well a four ear loops, so you should be able to find a combination that suits your preferences. I had no trouble pairing the product with my iPhone 6S Plus. The device can be worn in either ear.