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  • Ken Hershbell - A warning about the 2013 model vs the newer model.

    I'm giving this specific model 2013 a low rating as a warning to parents that consider the discontinued version over the newer one. We have the 2013 version, it's barely been used. The concept is great and it works fine and is a space saver, although I thought it seemed heavy to carry to a restaurant so we didn't use it much with our first child born in 2013. We then used it with one of our sons born in 2015 and it would qualify for more stars if we had gotten more use out of it and here's why we didn't: the discontinued 2013 model leaves the gray metal loop below the table clips exposed while the newer model now has these covered by cloth. At 10 months our son could arch backwards while putting a foot in the metal loop pushing himself up and potentially propelling himself out of the chair to the side. Fortunately, we caught this issue before it became a problem and I'm happy to see that Inglesina modified the design to cover the gray metal loops. I would give that model 4 stars.

  • J. Almonte - Fast shipping

    It works well on me and it's not too harsh on my skin, which was my biggest fear. I've battled with acne since my teenage years and was never able to completely rid of it for once and for all. I tried proactiv, antiobiotics, etc. and my acne would be under control under these treatments but would come back once i stop them. I think this product is worth a try for everyone who has acne.

  • Rahul from NYC - Checkbook Registers are hard to find

    My bank would not provide me any checkbook registers to save money and paper. That' s why I had to turn to internet to find them. These ones I ordered are pretty good. The paper quality is very good as it works well with a ball pen. The print is very clear too. I don't use the calenders provided on them as my register has a nice cover to protect it.

  • Holt - Non-evasive Anti-Virus

    We have used Kaspersky now for a couple of years. I had some trouble this year upgrading one of our laptops. Eventually had to call in to tech support to resolve, which was somewhat of a trying experience. However, the fact that Kaspersky is less invasive than other anti-virus software means that I will continue to buy.

  • Phil Upton - Joint Pain After Taking Move Free

    As mentioned by others here I also had severe pain in the knee that I was taking this product for. I noticed it after not taking it for a few days and had no pain. When I again took Move Free, my pain came back. Stopped for a few days once more and tried it again... pain came back again.

  • Amanda Liew - Air it out under a vent first

    The instructions tell you to turn it on for 5-10 minutes first to release something - I had to do it much longer than that, and almost returned it when I thought the smell would never go away. You might see some white/grey wisps and a burning plastic smell for a while. After a few tries, though, the hot plate works like a charm. It boils water fairly quickly and so far has suited my needs. I don't cook full dinners on it by any means, but it's a good stove top to have around for smaller things. I am also pleased because it cools down faster than I expected.