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Private Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic | Wirral Sports Medicine - Private Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic located in Wirral providing exceptional high clinical standards in pain relief and rehabilitation.

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  • kenster - Some issues

    I've used this same basic software through all its name changes for at least 10 years. This year I forgot the cardinal rule when installing this product (and probably most software, for that matter). And that rule is close all programs, especially SECURITY programs when you install. I actually power off my router so that I don't have to worry about network attacks while my firewall is disabled.

  • Amazon Customer - Stay away

    Horrible! I tried it because my boyfriend loves their products. After a week of using the fat burner and toner my chest felt tight. Then a week later I started burping uncontrollably all day long for a whole week! I had never burped so loud or so much in my life. I also felt nauseous and a horrible taste in my mouth. I stopped the product to see if it helped. A month later and I can say it's a lot better there's a few instances where I feel some burps trapped in my throat and have to force them out but feel much better. I am a very active athlete. I work out everyday and I thought this would help. I didn't notice any differences and it just made my stomach messed up. It might work for a minimal amount of people but I wish I had never tried it. I hope all the effects go away completely. Just a reminder I never burped! I could count on my hands how much I had burped before this product. I would be in class and couldn't stop it.But it wasn't the burping that was horrible but also the feeling.

  • kari - IT works if YOU work it!

    The product works well.... if you make it an addition you your workout regime. It's not a miracle worker. I exercise 5 days a week and it has added the cut and definition I've struggled to get. Also, watch what you eat. Don't be upset if you're over weight and excess fat is hiding the muscle build underneath. It's common sense.

  • Dancer Dad - Not Ready for Prime Time

    Clearly this product was not ready for prime time. Sad to say this since I have been a Quicken fan for the past 20 years. I spent 2 weeks trying to get it to work, but the program would crash when I reconciled downloaded transactions for my main checking account. The online help was courteous and respectful and we tried updating with the most recent releases and patches. I finally had to request that they give me a version of Quicken 2013 instead so that I would not waste anymore time. The Quicken 2013 works great as I have come to expect of Quicken products. Frankly I am shocked that such a dysfunctional product as Quicken 2014 made it to market. Perhaps by 2014 they will have fixed the bugs that crashed my version.

  • Kitty S. - I love this product

    I love this product. I started using this "no poo" shampoo when my hairdresser recommended it for my curly hair. I have now been using it for months, and I noticed a difference after about a month I would say. If you are switching directly from regular shampoos to this No Poo, it can be quite different, as it does not lather. It requires quite a work in, I generally scrub pretty vigorously with my fingertips, focusing on the roots of my hair and allowing the no poo to coat the rest of my hair naturally.

  • Ohioan - 2013 Version Inferior to 2008 Version

    I originally bought this pan in 2008. It the most solid pan I have so I decided to buy another one 5 years later. Guess what? It's not the same pan. It says it's the same pan, but it's not. I merely touch it and I can hear and feel it wobble because it's so flimsy. I'd consider this false advertising, which is a serious offence. Amazon should not allow a company to misrepresent a cheaper version of an original product. They should be forced to create a new product listing.

  • Eugene Liles - I wasted 49. 35 on something I can never use

    This is a big ripoff in software. Do not purchase the so called Movie Edit Pro. I wasted 49.35 on something I can never use.