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Lynette Whittenton: Copywriter and Content Marketing Professional - Take your Web content to the next level. Let content marketer Lynette Whittenton write your winning sales copy and loyalty producing content.

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  • Mark-InCyte - Network Administrator

    This is an outstanding product! It is much more intuitive to use than similar products such as Visio. It has a great interface, and extensive collection of forms and templates to choose from, and you can literally build fantastic presentations in no time. I love it and would recommend this to other professionals in the IT industry or other.

  • Emily - It's tough to do but it works!

    This juice really does work, I have used it many times. I don't always loose a full 10 lbs but I usually loose 4-6 lbs. I loose at least 4 lbs but average 6 lbs. I don't gain it back as long as I don't pig out afterwards. There a some things you have to do in order for it to work. The most important things are not to eat and drink tons of water, drink at minimum 8 cups of water but definitely try to drink more. This will not work if you don't drink enough water. Try to get in some light exercise on both days, such as a brisk 30 min walk and maybe some light weights. Try to stay away from situations where food is involved, such as going out w/ friends to a restaurant, etc., the temptation will be too great while doing this diet. Don't drink anything other than this juice and water. It's tough but if you can make it thru the 2 days with out eating or drinking anything (besides the juice and water) you will loose. It works. Oh and this diet juice kind of tastes similar to orange juice, it's not the best tasting but not horrible by any means, you must mix the juice with water.

  • Dex Sinister - One if by Land, Two if by Sea! Mind-Blowing Future Technology!

    Remember your history lessons, where American revolutionary Paul Revere learned that the British were coming by looking at the church steeple across the river, and noting that one light was displayed for land attack, and two lights were displayed for sea attack? Well, that's only part of the story...

  • FoozNinja - Simple Yet Complex

    I have 2 sets of trekking poles, and this one if my favorite. Not just because it has the compass on the top, or the fact it is blue, adjustable, has a shock absorber and you can use the spike bottom for picking up trash or leaves...but because the hand grip is the most comfortable. Its super easy to use, simple yet complex. I just love it! I will update you with any issues, but so far I am very impressed with this product! I should also let you know that I received this product (very kindly) at a discounted rate during a special promotion. I treat each product that I review as though I paid full price for it. My goal is to help you, the end user make an educated buying decision as I help myself to a discount for my extra time. Kinda like quality control or a foodie reviewer that travels the globe writing blogs...or even maybe Guardian ad Litem, lol, except they all make money and I just pay a little less than the average buyer. Anyways my point is I am a neutral party, I'm eclectic and have esoteric knowledge, and I still dream about what I want to be when I grow up but I try to judge each product fairly. I review all products fairly according to the following scale:

  • Austin Duerfeldt - I like webroot

    Webroot does a good job with antivirus. The best thing about the software is that it is fast and non evasive. It scans everything in about a minute, and does not slow down your other computer operations like Norton did when I used it. Comes with three installs. I think it is a good deal, but that is just my opinion.

  • Keith Frady - A terrific historical account of how the American middle class was ...

    A terrific historical account of how the American middle class was built and the subsequent effort to dismantle it. A must and timely read!

  • Brandon Thomason - Flimsy Wristband Clasp Makes this Tracker a Waste of Money

    I had my Fitbit Flex for less than a month before the poor design of the clasp caused me to lose the device. From day one, the clasp was flimsy, but each time the Fitbit fell off my arm, I noticed and picked it back up. I even took a small rubber band and put it around the clasp to help hold it on, but that didn't help much either.