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What Martha Did Next - Martha Fernback was a 15-year-old schoolgirl who died after taking the drug ecstasy. This website was created by Martha's mother, Anne-Marie Cockburn, to raise awareness of Martha's story and of the need for better drug laws and drug education

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  • Amazon Customer - Story shows great promise for extending the war intergalactic

    Not as great as the first one but that would be practically impossible. I think that's why there are so many bad reviews. I actually liked it a lot. The visuals and action scenes were great - even better than the original. The story suffered in a few places but the prospect of taking this story intergalactic is enough to overcome any minor story deficiencies. Can't wait. Hope it's not another 20 years though.

  • Amazon Customer - I'm getting use of my Brain back

    I had a stroke a few years ago, so I suffer with memory loss at times. After taking the Alpha GPC by Vitamonk, I am tell the difference. But I wasn't sure if it was just me or what. So one by one my teenage children, and husband have given me credit for my improve memory. But I couldn't take the credit, and I told them that I started taking Brain Vitamins. And they really work, not bitter after taste and easy to swallow. Because swallowing was also a problem for me. But I cannot wait to try other products by this company. I'm sure my 46 year old body will be back to normal in no time with the continued use of these vitamins.

  • Rachel Del / A Love Letter To Books - It was exactly what I needed it to be ... light, funny, sweet and full of hope

    There is a moment, after I finish a book, where I sit back and take a deep breath. What comes after is completely dependent on how I felt about the book. I may sigh contentedly. I may frown. I may smile, or curse, or cheer. I finished A Place In The Sun just moments ago, and my reaction was exactly what I believed it would be: a deep sigh and a knowing smile.

  • KAREN OLDENBURG - Don't bet on it

    There are so many distributors I wouldn't bet on any of the positive results being real. There is no way the wraps are permanent . And the fat fighter advertises you can eat what you want, well I gained a few pounds instead. And beware of constipation. If they really worked every doctor would be supplying them for their over weight patients. The distributors are everywhere and its mostly their constant feed on facebook and all over trying to hype it up. If its too good to believe , it is

  • Marte - Australian Dream Arthritis Cream

    I will be very honest--this cream did absolutely nothing! I have seen their advertising of this product on television and now believe that to be false advertising. I was very disappointed as I had hope for this product.



  • Jeff Ablers - Goood Stuff !

    I purchased this Product after the rains in California and used it on our North side of the Stucco House. The house at that time was 15 years old and had only been hosed down but never got rid of anything that was already GROWN IN THE STUCCO. Fallowing the direction and a good scrub with a long handled Scrub Brush fallowed by hosing it down until the suds where gone.... it came clean. Now it is a year later, we had most of our rain and I see no sign of Algae forming...IF it did I know now how to correct the problem.