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Houston Obstetrics - Women's Healthcare Associates - For a gynecologist serving Houston, call (713) 654-8128. Women's Healthcare Associates is a team of highly trained and experienced medical professionals dedicated to the unique needs of women.

  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-services.aspx Our Services - Womens Healthcare Associates - Our medical professionals at Women's Healthcare Associates have been serving Houston for more than 25 years. Call today at (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353 to set up your appointment!
  • http://www.whatexas.com/meet-our-physicians.aspx Meet Our Physicians - Womens Healthcare Associates - Our physicians at Women's Healthcare Associates in Houston specialize in a variety of services. Call us at (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353 for more information.
  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-hospitals.aspx Our Hospitals - Womens Healthcare Associates - View Womens Healthcare Associates hospitals page, or contact us in Houston at (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353 to schedule your appointment!
  • http://www.whatexas.com/common-questions/obstetrics-questions.aspx Obstetrics Questions - Womens Healthcare Associates - Check out the Women's Healthcare Associates website for answers to the most common questions, or contact us at (713) 654-8128 to schedule an appointment at our Houston office.
  • http://www.whatexas.com/patient-forms.aspx Patient Forms - Womens Healthcare Associates - Review the information on our patient information forms prior to your first appointment at Womens Healthcare Associates in Houston. For more info, call us at (713) 654-8128!
  • http://www.whatexas.com/contact-us.aspx Contact Us - Womens Healthcare Associates - If you are looking for qualified, caring and competent medical professionals in Houston, contact Women's Healthcare Associates at (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353.
  • http://www.whatexas.com/blogs.aspx Blogs | Houston Obstetrics - Check out our blog, or contact Women's Healthcare Associates at (713) 654-8128. We pride ourselves on being passionate about delivering the best women's healthcare available.
  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-services/gynecology.aspx Gynecology - Womens Healthcare Associates - Our Houston gynecologists provide high quality medical care for women in all stages of life. Call Women's Healthcare Associates today at (713) 975-8353 to schedule your appointment!
  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-services/obstetrics.aspx Obstetrics - Womens Healthcare Associates - If you are looking for a qualified obstetrician, look no further than Women's Healthcare Associates. Call us at (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353 to schedule your appointment!
  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-services/ultrasounds.aspx Ultrasounds - Womens Healthcare Associates - At Women's Healthcare Associates, we offer ultrasounds in a safe and comfortable environment. Call us today at (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353 for information about our Houston obstetrics service.
  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-services/surgery.aspx Surgery - Womens Healthcare Associates - Women's Healthcare Associates has been performing minimally invasive surgeries for more than 25 years. Call today at (713) 654-8128 to learn about the Houston obstetrics services we offer.
  • http://www.whatexas.com/our-services/in-office-procedures.aspx In Office Procedures - Womens Healthcare Associates - Looking for a quality Houston obstetrics service to perform an in office medical procedure? Call (713) 654-8128 or (713) 975-8353 to learn more about the procedures we offer.

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  • Neale W Osenburg - Great Product!

    This install was just two screws. I was done in 10 minutes after hooking up the washer and connection for the light. It actually looks better than the original that was on there.

  • swimmer25 - Don't buy if you want to export data to Quickbooks

    I rarely write reviews, but this unit does not do what it says it does, and I'd like to save another potential buyer from going through what I did. If all you want to do is scan and organize papers, I think that this unit would be FABULOUS once you get it installed and start using it (this is not a quick or easy task). However, IF YOUR GOAL IS TO EXPORT, I would not buy this unit. Since that is my purpose, I'm returning it.

  • biminconstruction - authoritative

    the official bible of everything you want to do with revit. for 99% of architects or contractors on 99% of projects, you will find whatever you need to find in this book. it is written with a sense of humor ("how to model your evil lair") without watering down content. glossary complete enough that every topic can be found pretty quickly.

  • ZomDom64 - Works great, when you follow the directions and get a paint pen for deep scratches.

    This is a REAL review. I just purchased this product, Wal-Mart appears to be one of the only 24 hour establishments in Lansing to carry it. I have used this product before with great results. I purchased this to repair a deep scratch caused by someone keying the side of my car. This product works just fine for fine and medium scratches (which require a bit more time) but it will do NOTHING for deep scratches unless you first use a scratch repair pen, per the directions. I did not have time or money to buy and use one, mostly because my specific color was not available without ordering it online (Aquamarine Frost Metallic is a rare paint job on a 99 Ford ZX2), and it takes a week to set before you can proceed with the kit. It cleaned the scratch and covered it up partially in a couple places, but mostly it is still visible.

  • Harold B. Webb - mechanism performance / shipping

    I have difficulty with the front deraileur that is not performing well when in front low gear and wheel gear in low gear and the same with high /high ( touching of chain to deraileur)