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Wick Fisher White | Philadelphia Based Engineering Firm - One of the oldest, continuously practicing mechanical and electrical engineering firms in the Philadelphia area, Wick Fisher White traces its history back to 1901. Though the intervening years have redefined building systems and client priorities, the firm's guiding principle of total commitment to engineering, commissioning and client service has endured. Wick Fisher White is a leading engineering firm with a growing national reputation for quality engineering and customer service that produces successful results

  • http://www.wfweng.com/our-history Our History | Wick Fisher White - Wick Fisher White  is one of the oldest, continuously practicing mechanical and electrical engineering firms in the Philadelphia area. We have a proud and significant history.
  • http://www.wfweng.com/professional-affiliations Professional Affiliations | Wick Fisher White - The culture at Wick Fisher White is one that stresses the importance for leaders and staff to play an active role in organizations that help advance not only the engineering profession, but the architecture, engineering & construction community as a whole.   Our team is comprised of individuals who either serve as board members and/ or are regularly engaged in various professional affiliations such as the list below:
  • http://www.wfweng.com/mechanical-services Mechanical Services | Wick Fisher White - The proper design of a building’s heating ventilating and cooling systems is crucial to energy efficient operation and to the happiness and comfort of its occupants. From the design of central systems to support multiple buildings to the design of small building renovations, WFW’s team of mechanical engineers can help you with the proper design of: 
  • http://www.wfweng.com/electrical-services Electrical Services | Wick Fisher White - Your building’s electrical systems are a key part in its operation and security. WFW prides itself in its ability to design safe, efficient, state of the art, electrical systems to support both mission critical equipment and the normal day to day operation of your facility. We can assist you with many facets of electrical design including: 
  • http://www.wfweng.com/plumbing-services Plumbing Services | Wick Fisher White - From the specification of low flow or waterless plumbing fixtures to the design of medical and laboratory gas systems, WFW can provide you with systems that will promote sustainability, efficiency and functionality while watching the bottom line. Let us help you with the design of: 
  • http://www.wfweng.com/fire-protection-services Fire Protection Services | Wick Fisher White - The staff at WFW is adept at the design of fire protection systems to protect your building, its occupants and its contents. We can help you to assess hazard levels and can design systems to give you confidence that, in the event of a fire event, you are fully protected. We can assist you with: 
  • http://www.wfweng.com/commissioning-services Commissioning Services | Wick Fisher White - The incorporation of building commissioning into construction projects has been rapidly increasing with the industry as owners have come to realize the importance and value of having fully commissioned building systems.
  • http://www.wfweng.com/other-services Other Services | Wick Fisher White - WFW has experience in various other areas of engineering and its related fields. We can meet your needs and have no problem thinking outside the box. Below are other specialty areas that we can assist you with: 
  • http://www.wfweng.com/leed LEED | Wick Fisher White - WFW desired to become LEED Accredited, not because it was "the thing to do", but because of a belief in our ideals to provide efficient and sustainable building solutions to our clients. It is these ideals which influence all of our projects. We are committed to energy efficient design.
  • http://www.wfweng.com/energystar EnergyStar | Wick Fisher White - Wick Fisher White is proud to be recognized by EPA Energy Star program as an official service and product provider.
  • http://www.wfweng.com/pay-performance Pay For Performance | Wick Fisher White - We are proud to announce that Wick Fisher White has met all of the criteria required to become an Approved Partner in New Jersey’s Clean Energy Pay for Performance Program.
  • http://www.wfweng.com/careers Careers | Wick Fisher White - Wick Fisher White currently works with many dynamic clients that continue to provide us with great opportunities. Thus we are always looking to hire creative, aspiring and talented individuals with engineering & commissioning skills. We would welcome an opportunity to review your resume if you have an interest in joining our team. 
  • http://www.wfweng.com/contact Contact | Wick Fisher White - Wick Fisher White 111 South Independence Mall East Suite 400 Philadelphia, PA 19106

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  • Martyz9 - Everything you need to know about Rome and then some!

    Rick Steves, of PBS fame, is a travel guru who anticipates any and virtually all questions about anything you might encounter in your travels. We found that very useful. Perhaps he is overly frightening when advising caution; we did not see the many "problems/dangers" he warns you of when traveling in Rome.

  • Harold E. Lindsey Jr. - I thank God for Supple!

    I'm trying Supple right now! I love it! I've read some of the negetive reviews but that was not my experience! I am satisfied beyond belief! I'm 67 years old. I workout everyday. I'm in good health, but I had these stiff shoulder joints that hurt so bad when I would reach for something, or reach over my head. It was hard to sleep good because my shoulders would just ache so bad. I workout trying to maintain range of motion! I was taking Osteo Bi-Flex which gave me some very good (reasonable relief). thank God for Osteo Bi-Flex but I still had some pain and stiffness, mainly shoulders. Well currently I'm trying a case of Supple! I actually noticed a difference the very first day I drank it, but I wouldn't accept that. I said to my wife "that's just wishful thinking!" But it wasn't! Each day I feel like a layer of pain is being peeled away from my body! I have been drinking Supple now (as of this writing) for 5 days! I'm about to drink my 6th can this morning! I LOVE the taste! But I wouldn't care if it tasted like CRAP If it worked like this... I'm drinking it! If it stops working I will gladly come back and say so! But right now it's one of the best things that ever happened to me! I'm just 5 cans in!!!!! [email protected]

  • Amanda - Decent paddle and case for the price

    I actually bought the paddle for myself unlike most of the other reviews. After about 2 months of using it about 2-3 hours per week, I can say it's a pretty decent paddle for the cost. Whereas a lower quality paddle might be falling apart or peeling, this paddle has stayed in good shape.

  • Kathleen Polich - Aurora returns

    The story picked up where it had left off in the last book. Aurora was as spunky as ever, and Charlaine Harris supplied the enough twists to keep the suspense going. Hope to see another Aurora book in the future.

  • bensonk - Fun blaster

    This is really fun, surprisingly accurate, and surprisingly powerful blaster. I have just one major complaint: the springs used to determine whether a dart is in the chamber can sometimes partially eject darts, preventing the gun from recognizing that they're available. Thus you can have a dart loaded, but still misfire at a critical moment. That said, still a great fallback in any nerf war.