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  • kerry fitzmaurice - Nice scent and great buy!

    This frankinscense is a great quality and has a nice fragrance. I just love the 4 oz bottle with the dropper. I have tried several brands

  • Joy Seven - Excellent preparation to take the GRE Exam. Filled with wisdom and mini review lessons. Practice test with answers included.

    The first time you sign up to take the GRE it can appear to be the most overwhelming task you’ve ever undertaken. I’ve taken the test twice, once to gain entrance to a Master’s program and ten years later to gain entrance to a PhD program. Both times I relied heavily on the available books at the time which contained helpful information and practice test questions like this book contains. In reading through the GRE Test Prep Book 2015-2016, it struck me as to how similar the test continues to be from year to year and it reminded me of how important all those helpful strategies really were in helping me pass the test on the first try each time.

  • Carol - I loved this!

    The Gender Game is book one in a brand new series by Bella Forrest. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley, NightLight Press, and by Bella Forrest. I have to give so much credit to Bella Forrest for such a big change from her Shade of Vampire series. I would classify this book as Dystopian. I loved the world she has created here. It is so unique .