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  • Beth Chaney - Best holo polish EVER

    This is the best holo polish I've ever used!! I put it on last week and no chips or peeling and great color. Chunky holo is realy hard to find.....REAL holo. Im going back to order 3 more bottles just so I have a stash should it be sold out or discontinued. Definitely recommend this polish. Also very quickly delivered. A must have for the summer.

  • K. T. Chew - Moderate price - sturdy machine - lots of features.

    Update at 6 months: the squeaks I mentioned below were fixed quickly after a call to Sole -- they sent new parts and a technician - all fixed under warranty. I have no complaints - the machine works great, still used nearly every day.

  • Grace du Ciel - Pays to give a sample

    I got a little packet of the product when I purchased an eyeshadow collection from this company. I used it on one eye and not the other and applied the eyeshadow as I normally would. The eye with the shadow insurance looked like I'd just applied the eyeshadow without fading right up until the time I washed my face.

  • Rick - Tried to like it but the writing just let it down

    With the cast being what it is you would think that this would be just as side splitting at the original but ........ The writing is terrible. The ladies did a good job. The special effects were good. The cinematography is good. The story is terrible.