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  • David - The depth seemed fine but the woofer collided with the sidewall that comes ...

    Quality seemed up to par. Giving 2 stars as my 10 inch type r woofers would not fit. The depth seemed fine but the woofer collided with the sidewall that comes in and won't allow for correct mounting. So, it must be returned. Quite a hassle.

  • R. Latham - Code no good to activate.

    Install code did not work to activate. I used trial code that lasted a month, then it asks for yearly code. It dont work so now what? I emailed the seller, nothing.

  • Krisroch - Great for hard water. Shiny hair!! Lasts forever!

    Bought for my husband as a gift, as he loved a hotel sample size he tried. It lasted many months as only a pea-sized dot is needed on wet hair. He (and I) love it. It lathers up in our hard water and rinses out thoroughly. We both have fine hair, mine much thicker and styling is easy. Hair is shiny!! Thanks.

  • Linda N. Phillips - Arthritis Relief in a Great Tasting Shake

    Great flavor! I blend it with 3/4 C of frozen cherries and a few ice cubes in my measuring cup before I fill it to 8oz with water. Tastes like a malt. It fills me up so much, that is what I eat for my evening meal. It may be the cherries, but my arthritis is probably 75% better since I started having this and am losing weight.

  • Sean R. - Not exactly what I wanted

    This is not as useful as I had hoped. I have played magic before, and understand the gameplay, but I have not played enough or talked with the right people to know very much about building a good deck. I also have not bought cards before, I simply inherited a small collection from season 8 from a friend.

  • Tommy - Dont waste your money

    There is a simple cheap solution in your kitchen which cures your fungus within a couple of weeks. I had this problem and tried these over the counter products to no avail. I did some research and found the main ingredient was "vinegar" used what I had available in the kitchen and steeped my finger nail for 2 weeks. Bingo! gone and never returned.