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Global Health and Wellness Programs | Vielife Health Solutions - vielife is a provider of global health and wellness solutions that improve workplace wellness and promote positive lifestyle changes

  • http://www.vielife.com/../our-wellness-solutions/ Corporate wellness solutions | vielife solutions - vielife offers customized, global corporate wellness solutions including health risk assessments and health promotion programs
  • http://www.vielife.com/../engaging-corporate-wellness/ Engaging corporate wellness | vielife wellness engagement - Participant engagement with vielife’s health and wellness programmes is crucial to reaching successful outcomes.
  • http://www.vielife.com/../global-health-and-wellness/ Global corporate wellness | vielife Around the world - Discover how vielife develops localized health and wellness solutions for global enterprises
  • http://www.vielife.com/../wellness-lifestyles/ Employee Wellness | vielife lifestyle management services - vielife lifestyle management programs empower employees to make sustainable lifestyle changes that promote positive health and well being at work
  • http://www.vielife.com/../health-and-wellness-roi/ Improve health - vielife reporting measures the benefits of corporate wellness while helping companies track back their ROI on wellness programs
  • http://www.vielife.com/en-us/challengeme ChallengeMe | vielife wellness engagement - vielife research and content are integral components in every health risk assessment and in the development of health and wellness programs
  • http://www.vielife.com/en-gb/case-study-going-global-with-health-and-wellbeing-analytics/ Going global with health and wellbeing analytics: Case Study - The case study examines how Medtronic is successfully creating a single, integrated and global employee health and wellbeing initiative with the vielife Online health and wellbeing system at its core. It examines the positive impact the interventions are having on Medtronic’s workforce, through the understanding of its employees’ health and wellbeing needs.
  • http://www.vielife.com/en-gb/white-paper-build-resilience/ Building Resilience Produces Better Results: White Paper - Companies gain competitive advantage by building higher levels of employee resilience and wellbeing.
  • http://www.vielife.com/../our-wellness-solutions/wellness_journey Corporate Wellness Solutions | Vielife Solutions - Our health promotion programs effectively measure, evaluate, drive change and monitor results.
  • http://www.vielife.com/../our-wellness-solutions/holistic_wellness_philosophy Corporate Wellness Solutions | Vielife Solutions - At vielife we look at health and wellness solutions holistically by considering four pillars of health: sleep, resilience to stress, physical activity and nutrition.
  • http://www.vielife.com/../our-wellness-solutions/empowering_organizations Corporate Wellness Solutions | Vielife Solutions - Our wellness solutions empower organizations and individuals to be even better
  • http://www.vielife.com/../engaging-corporate-wellness/drive_engagement_to_drive_change Engaging corporate wellness | vielife wellness engagement - The vielife wellness engagement solutions are flexible and customizable to work for your organization and your brand.
  • http://www.vielife.com/../engaging-corporate-wellness/a_global_view Engaging corporate wellness | vielife wellness engagement - vielife offers global wellness solutions that are locally tailored. When considering your wellness plans, we will outline your needs by geography - considering each population individually.
  • http://www.vielife.com/../engaging-corporate-wellness/champions Engaging corporate wellness | vielife wellness engagement - vielife strongly encourages the use of health and wellness program champions who can play a major role in the success of your health promotion initiatives.

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  • AmazonAddict - Wish I could give it a better review

    I have no idea what I'm the minority here. I'm addicted to shea butter and use it every night. It doesn't break me out and leaves me with supple skin. After I was able to get this product at a discount for my honest review, I tried this brand. Unfortunately, it's useless to me. I has these little grains that don't "melt" once warmed-up, the way my shea butter does. Mine is also organic, unrefined, and pure. I can't even use it just as a hand moisturizer because the grains fall all over and make a mess.

  • SoVo - Go ahead and upgrade if you don't mind being forced to pay more $$$ each month

    The latest version of QB has now completely taken away your ability to attach documents you've stored on your own computer. Instead, you have to pay for their "service" (something always subject to the whims of the powers that be at Intuit) and pay for their Document Attachment Service (starting at $9.95/month for one attachment per item). Oh, you can still host the stuff on your servers, it's just that QB's charges you to actually access it. There are 3rd party software programs that will do the same thing, but they run around $200 a piece.