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VG Emballage - VG EMBALLAGE propose des flacons,pots et bidons standards, équipés de bouchages compatibles et sublimés par différentes techniques de décor et parachèvement

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City: 2.3292 Paris, France


    Starbucks' Casi Cielo is simply my favorite coffee in the world and I am very thrilled to find it here. It's limited edition adn the 3 bags I purchased from a local store last 1st quarter of last year is almost finished. I try as much as possible not to drink it too often but I just can't resist its smooth, velvety taste with a hint of citrus! It's a heavenly blend, no less!

  • Judge J Drhedd - The best in the series (past four years)

    I was buying all the books in this 'nonrequired' series that are on bargain here at Amazon, and have skimmed through at least four of these collections. I was intending to wait for this to go at 60%, until I saw it in a local bookstore and was immediately captivated by the two short comics included this year. The first one, entitled The Imaginist, alone is worth the price. And then there's another short gem called The Art of Steal, which details a story of a thief a la Toulour of Ocean's 12. 3rd place goes to the bounty hunter story, which is also great when listened to (look for the episode in the The American Life podcast)

  • amazonbob - ASUS Desktop

    Seems to function fine. Compact and easy to install. No screws to fasten the monitor plug to the back of the unit.