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  • Kenneth Thomsen - Helpful directory.

    I will know in the future if this book is as helpful as I hope it will be. But I definitely like how the book tells you the title of the person you will be sending your work to, what genres they want, and their submission policies. Some of these companies accept scripts outright. It took a while for me to realize that the internet wasn't a viable place to learn of agents and the like. So far I've noticed in this book that a writer will be sending their work directly to production company producers, writers, and directors. This review is hopefully full enough to help someone else base a purchase off of it; I might rate the book with ten stars if I get a call back. :) Good luck writers.

  • Jim Bos - The Best Alarm System on the Market

    Although I am no alarm expert, I am a retired State Trooper who answered many many alarms. I have never been impressed with ADT, and all the other clone companies. I think they are overrated, and overpriced. When we decided to install an alarm in our new house, I debated for over two years dragging my feet at the prospect of dealing with these companies. then along came Simplisafe. We took a chance and ordered the system. We installed it three days ago, and I am so impressed. The system works exactly as advertised, and is extremely easy to use. You can easily customize it to fit your needs and it operates flawlessly. We have since ordered more sensors, and look forward to adding them. The price is very reasonable for both the system and the monitoring. Lastly, customer service is friendly, helpful, and polite. Stay away from the big companies, and give these guys a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • Charles C. Euchner - Clarity and verve

    As a writer and teacher -- and the author, mostly recently, of "The Writing Code: The Only Writing Guide You Will Ever Need" -- I am always looking for simple ways to help people write with clarity and verve. Strunk and White's masterpiece is still an essential piece of any writer's library.

  • Justice Robles - Very good

    The laptop was everything I was hoping for and more. It got here ahead of time which is a first. The boxing leaved a little to be desired but the laptop had no damage and was pristine. Great low budget laptop.