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Vantage Health Plan, Inc. - Vantage Health Plan, Inc. proactively seeks opportunities to improve the quality of health care while balancing the cost of that care. We offer Medicare, individual, and group health insurance coverage.

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  • MICHELE ZARZYCKI - Don't bother!

    Don't waste your money! Absolutely awful. These headphones are not worth $40. The sound is not the best. They are actually very low sound. I've bought $15 headphones that are much louder!

  • K. Green - Still have to pay to have a calculator figure out basic payroll!!!!

    It is the same accounting software that doesn't have enough noticeable differences in previous versions to warrant another expensive update. Overall this product works good for our business. However, my major complaint is the things that should be included that most people use in a business that you have to pay extra monthly charges for. Like having to pay to have social security and medicare taxes calculated in payroll. That should be free!!!!! It is a basic need in a business. I can see someone in a bigger company paying especially figuring insurances etc....

  • Thetaguy - Best Chromebook for the Money

    This Chromebook is my new go-to for casual computing. Watching TV (casting to my Chromecast) I can watch a show and easily cruise the Internet if I like, much easier than with a tablet.

  • Georgiasgoods - Only buy this product if you have hay for Hair

    I bought this to save money on buying the Morrocan Oil which the ingrediants are supposed to be the same but NO.. Every since I started using this stuff my hair is really oily, flat, and has static like crazy, Im not sure what to do other then buy expensive hair care to fix it but then when you dont put it on your hair gets so dry and looks horribly unhealthy. I NEVER have had problems with my hair but my best friend thats a hair stylist introduced me to the Morrocan oil and I loved it, it kept my hair moisturized and silky smooth and no static and my curls would lasts much longer when applying it right out the shower. This product cannot even be considered a cheap generic version of Morrocan Oil it just doesn't cut it. That's how bad it is.. Returned it after having it for 2 weeks (I tried giving it a chance to work).. REFUND PLEASE!!

  • XquizitEM - Rain can't get me now!!!

    I LOVE this umbrella!!!!! I am so happy it rained here in NY for me to try it. It works so great when I needed to get in my car. My only warning is just to remember that the water holds inside so be careful when picking it up. This has now become my favorite umbrella!!!!!

  • BUCKY B - Seriously AMAZING.

    It's EPIC. It's just beyond EPIC!! The absolute HORROR of war that it portrays will move you. It looks great. So much story behind it. And it's real weapons that actually existed. Not some stupid laser gun and walking on walls and crap.

  • Alberto Chavez - Lose weight and improve your eating habits!

    I did this purification program in March 2013 and it had a very positive impact on my overall health as many have already indicated. I lost a total of 17 pounds and most importantly "improved" my eating habits. I am going to start it again at the beginning of December because I have fallen of the wagon as of late and need to refocus. I didn't think I was going to do the purification again because it was tough to go through it the first time, but I stuck with drinking smoothies and eating fairly balanced meals that I don't think this time around it will be as hard. It wasn't until October and November that I felt I needed to refocus (get back to healthier and portion controlled meals etc.)and I think this is my best way to do it. I really recommend this program to individuals that want to lose weight and most importantly want to change the way they eat!