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  • FrenchChef1 - The best one i have tried so far in the category

    It is thick and comfortable, seems durable and well made, doesn't smell much contrary to a cheap Chinese knockoff i first tried to buy on Ebay. That one didn't make it in the house as it smelled so bad of burnt rubber and had to be tossed. This one is very ergonomic. The only thing I have to get use to is the fact that it is smaller than my previous mouse in circumference.

  • W. Glover - Jungle

    I love this parfum, it lasts the better part of a day, and I would buy it again when I finish this bottle.

  • FilareeSB - This book is a life changer.

    A must read for anyone dealing with any digestive symptoms, allergies, food intolerances, autoimmune diseases, depression or any of the other diseases she talks about (Autism, ADD/ADHA, eating disorders, epilepsy, schizophrenia). Plus I lost 6 pounds on this diet without even trying (and I got to eat butter and pot roast:). I mostly love that this is a movement back to eating whole foods that are made from scratch and really shows scientifically what all the processed foods do to our digestive systems and thus to our brains. While this way of eating is meant to be temporary, I will NEVER go back to eating some of the processed foods I was eating before when I can make them at home so much better.

  • M. Smith - So far this is a fantastic product for the price and specifications it has

    So far this is a fantastic product for the price and specifications it has! 20 watts of outstanding power and long battery life with outstanding overall sound and less that 40$, too, it really cranks up loud and clear. I highly recommend and I am on the verge of buying another one!

  • marcella drumm - DONT BUY IT !!!

    this spray does absolutely NOTHING. don't waste your money. you need a professional exterminator to totally get rid of them. it's been 4 days since I soaked my couch, not once but twice. it did slow them down for about 24 hours. I washed the slipcovers in hot water and hot dryer. they are now back in full force. i'm lucky that my landlord is going to hire and pay a company to come. they need to do 2 treatments in 2 weeks. it's the ONLY way. this products claims border on outright fraud

  • K. Braet - Works great in our 10 year old hot tub

    I have a 10 year old hot tub, that had a slow leak. I used this product and it stopped the leak. I run this through the tub a few times a year to keep the slow leaks under control. We spent hundreds of dollars to have the repair shop take the tub and try to fix the leaks, without success. This product is way better than the shop. Just make sure you remove the filters, and once you put them back, you need to rinse the excess gunk off by the next day.

  • Tashard - After 5 years this still gives a close cut.

    I've had this clipper almost 5 years now and it still cuts my hair close and makes a great trimmer. Friends would ask me which barbar to and would be shocked after knowing I cut my own hair. Every now and again I would just open it and clean it with a towel and a brush. Apply the oil ready to go. I also sanitize it with alcohol (heard it's not good to do that but oh well hasn't shown any problems yet).