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  • Sarah - I recently bought these for my 300mL cool mist diffuser

    I recently bought these for my 300mL cool mist diffuser. I was super disappointed to find out that they have extremely poor longevity. I've tried varying amounts of oil and I can never get the scent to last more than an hour or two, way before the water actually runs out in the diffuser. The scent is usually overwhelmingly strong at first and then becomes very dilute to the point where I can only faintly smell it when I'm smelling the mist directly. I've contacted Kis oils via email several times about this to see if this is normal but have never heard back. Such a disappointment especially after reading all the great reviews.

  • BurdenLifterTV - The Most Important Book For Men Who Interact With Women

    This is the Manosphere condensed into one volume. This is the most important reading for men who interact with women at any level. This explains *everything* of importance about them. If you have not read this book, you are not getting as much Cooperation as you could and are putting yourself and your future in imminent danger as you are ignorant how attraction really works. Women should read this book and give it to their male family members to help them stay out of divorce court. This book should be re-read every 3 months. Rating: 9.9875 of 10.