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  • Crews Family - If you are looking to get the perfect shape for your face

    If you are looking to get the perfect shape for your face, this is the tool for you. It also comes in a nice little box, with a business card. I love that it is flexible, and easy to use. It is made of a thin plastic material. It makes line ups easy, simple and perfect shape. It also fits great along my face due to the thinness and flexibility if offers. I am so glad I got this. I have had so many issues with trying to line up my beard. I got to the point that I just decided I wouldn't mess with it anymore. With the warm weather we have had this takes away a lot of the issues you have with a big thick beard, it makes it a lot easier to shave again. I would definitely recommend this tool to other. Great deal for the price offered.

  • Juli Mills - It is truly amazing and balancing when used as directed on the package

    I have been drinking this tea for a month. 1 cup daily starting during my period, then on day 12 (2 cups a day) then on day 23, 2-3 cups a day. This has completely DONE AWAY WITH MY HOT FLASHES!!! No more perimenopause symptoms, no joke. A lot of our hormonal issues are due to estrogen fluctuations during the month. This tea contains low level phytoestrogens that - when your hormones are too high- bring them down, and if they are too low, it fills in the gaps so your body doesn't panic - doing away with symptoms brought on by hormonal highs and lows. Because of this tea, I stopped using the progesterone cream that I had been on for a year. As a result, I lost 10 pounds, my skin cleared, and I don't get depressed the last half of the month - even sleeping 7 hours a night, with no night sweats- this stuff works miracles. This tea gave me my life back. Thank you yogi tea for researching this blend. It is truly amazing and balancing when used as directed on the package!!! 5 plus stars!!!

  • Mary-Theresa - I'm not sure

    I loved this when I used it in a hotel recently. I don't know if my soft water setting isn't right - but it does leave my hair clean and I love the smell of oranges.

  • combat addict - Great Product and fantastic price!!

    I paid less than half the price here on Amazon, than my local hardware store! When I first pour this in my gray water cesspool, I was skeptical about it. I checked it constantly for about two weeks, then I gave up, because it looked like nothing was happening. About a month later I checked it again and boy was I surprised, all the sludge was gone, I couldn't believe my eyes!

  • M. Hall - Bitterly Disappointed

    I have used Quicken for as long as I can remember, probably going on 20 years now. Before my accountant ported us to Quicken, we used Peachtree software, which at the time was the 500lb gorilla of accounting software. Peachtree was getting greedy, though, and the software was expensive, and modulated as I remember so that the more you wanted to activate, the more you paid. This drove my business to Quicken.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect for Nexus 5x

    First of all it came in a day earlier than expected. The packaging was appropriate. Fast charging capabilities like the original charger. Now only if I could find a car charger that provided fast charging like this.

  • Virginia L Foreman - Excellent treadmll

    It is very comfortable. Its big, the running area is large and seems cushioned. The incline is amazing. Control of the speed is amazing. Its not just 3 or 4 mph you can choose perfect speed 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc just great control. I love it. Also has bars that if you want pulse and heart rate you hold it a few seconds and its displayed. The screens are great and music or a trainers voice. Has everything. And reasonably priced. Not hard to assemble, me and a friend did it in 2 hours. And neither one of us is very mechanical.