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TruStar Cavaliers - Home - TruStar Cavaliers - Home to a small show kennel near Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to responsible ownership, exhibition and breeding of our beloved spaniels. Happy, outgoing puppies occasionally available. We strive for quality in breed type, temperament, and health.

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  • Chicago Blondie - Love Relacore, but not the seller DAB/Potential Dynamix

    I've used Relacore before and love it. Ordered this time from Amazon, thru their listed distributor DAB Nutrition. But it says it's fulfilled by Amazon, so I ordered. It arrived quick, but the bottle and label appear discolored and old. I looked at the expiration date and it's more than a year expired! These pills are usually good for a couple years, so I'm quite disappointed. I will return the bottle and buy it elsewhere, but just be aware that (either by mistake or not) DAB Nutrition/Potential Dynamix has some old stock and poor quality control.

  • Blackhawk - Dilithium crystals vs. cable

    It was this cable or a new supply of dilithium crystals for the Enterprise. Captain Kirk insisted on the crystals. Captain, you don't understand. If I push her any harder, the bulkheads will blow out. We're already at warp factor 4. If you had let me get the Audioquest cable we would have beat the Klingons and not been in this mess. I cannot promise she'll hold together!

  • camille - Like it

    The down fall is I cannot customize a covered porch and when I bring up the list of supplies for the home I cannot transfer it or e-mail it to anyone because it is only in the file of the program. This is annoying. Otherwise it is pretty easy to use.

  • Uncle Jim - Not bad

    This book was ok. I liked the main character at first expecting her to solve this crime with brain power and finesse. Instead she morphs into this quasi-macho women who sneaks around taking weird chances that work out in this book but would have gotten her killed quickly in real life. For me her personality just didn't hang together.

  • LeoGirl12 - I really enjoy Penelope Douglas writing

    I really enjoy Penelope Douglas writing. She is one of my top fav authors. This book didn't disappoint but I just felt like I wanted more. I will say enjoyed it and thus give it 4 Starts. She is still in my go to that is for sure.

  • Tammy - Not too bad!

    I tried this for the first time yesterday. I mixed it with water and drank it that way. It wasn't too bad but I think it would be better mixed with something else. I'm considering buying this since I'm nursing and pumping. I do wish it was a little cheaper though.

  • Jaysplaypen - Wow, really notice a difference

    After tons of research I decided to try liver detox and support to help with my adult acne. I am no doctor, but I read that adult acne can be because of liver function slowing and not clearing built up toxins and hormones from your body. seemed reasonable enough, and I figured I spend way more on skin care acne products then one bottle of this cost, so I gave it a try. I have to say the 3 times a day dosage can be a pain.....but as long as I live I will not be without this product. OMG my skin has never been so vibrant and clear. I have had only 1 small pimple appear since I started taking this almost a month ago. I still wash my face with