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Medicare Advantage in Oregon | Trillium Advantage - We offer Medicare Advantage plans in Oregon that include all of the benefits of Original Medicare PLUS other important benefits that help you take care of your whole body, like prescription drug coverage and vision care.

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  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/becoming-member.html About | Trillium Advantage - Trillium Medicare Advantage provides Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) and Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (SNPs) in Oregon.
  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/becoming-member/medicare-basics.html Medicare Basics | Trillium Advantage - Medicare is a program that provides health care insurance to people age 65 and older. Trillium Medicare Advantage provides Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans.
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  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/our-plans.html Which Medicare Plan is Right for Me? | Trillium Advantage - Find a Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you with our plan selection tool. Answer a few questions and get a better understanding of the Medicare coverage you need.
  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/our-plans/dsnp.html Medicare and Medicaid Eligible | Trillium Advantage - Medicare Advantage is available as a Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan, or D-SNP, for people who are Medicare and Medicaid eligible.
  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/our-plans/pioneer-rx.html Medicare Advantage Plan | Trillium Advantage - Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are available in Oregon through Trillium Medicare Advantage.
  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/enroll.html Enroll in Medicare Advantage | Trillium Advantage - Need to know how to enroll in Medicare Advantage? Oregon residents can enroll in one of our Medicare Advantage Plans online, by phone or by mail.
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  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/member-resources.html Member Rights and Resources | Trillium Advantage - You can find an Oregon doctor or pharmacy, look up your medicine in the formulary to be sure it's covered; or even find helpful forms to take with you to your next doctor's appointment.
  • https://www.trilliumadvantage.com/member-resources/health-visit-forms.html Doctor Visit Forms | Trillium Advantage - Take these helpful forms with you to the doctor when you’re being seen for Asthma, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Weight Management.

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  • Chris - Eliminated the pain/pressure on my hand/wrist

    I got it to eliminate the pressure on the base of my hand/wrist where it rests on the desktop when using a mouse, and the associated discomfort/pain that sometimes develops there. This pad did that job perfectly. No more discomfort!

  • benjamin davis - good case

    My card came in the mail quick,, two days and they also use the good cases with the screw at the top, even though my card's value was only a few bucks. So they get my approval :)

  • Laura Vaughn - I have been using these for a week, so ...

    I have been using these for a week, so I have not gotten the full benefit form these supplements yet. I have noticed that they help you to focus on tasks and improve your thought process. I will definitely buy this product again.

  • ZanderSaid - Fun Read

    I love looking at all of the stupid records out there and see the people who actually cared enough to go after the record. Very entertaining indeed!

  • Saly - Real product that works :)

    I recently bought this product because I had it as part of a sample from birchbox! I love this product, I have dyed silver/grey hair and this works amazing!! I bought this here and noticed the bottle looked a little different but no worries I contacted 12 Benefits directly and they told me they have the original solid pink bottle and the white bottle was a limited stock to celebrate their 5 years :) bottle left is from birchbox and bottle right is from this company :)

  • David McNeil - Awsome!

    Easy to install on my Challenger. Took about 45 minutes and was simple with the instructions provided. I love the extra performance and would suggest this Mopar intake to close friends.

  • Nina Brown - Dry powder kills Roaches!

    This can weighs very little because it is a dry powder and a compressed air delivery system. It is very effective. There is a light odor, likely the propellent, not the dry powder. We were very happy to see fewer roaches. Those pesky jerks!!!!