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  • John Dynan - Well made, excellent for the price!

    I wanted a parabolic soft box and had been looking for a while. This unit kept appearing in search engines and I started to look more closely at it, in part because it seemed to represent such good value. I bought this with some trepidation, never having seen or heard of the Selens brand before. Having read the reviews on Amazon, which were largely favourable, I bought it. A lot of my concerns centre around the comments that the fit was excessively tight and that the velcro near the speed ring was too hard to do up. After assembling this soft box, I can say that my fears are allayed. It goes together very well and works accordingly. Assembling it is a simple matter because there are keyed rods which go into appropriate holes in the speed ring by matching the red dots. You just do it by pushing in the relevant opposite rod until all 16 are in place. Doing up the velcro is a bit tricky but not too difficult and the diffuser panels fit very well. I should point out that the best way to attach it to a monolight or speed light adapter is to do it before putting it on its stand. Overall, the soft box is well made and works very well, giving off a concentrated but very diffuse light. This soft box is much more appropriate for a flash head or bare bulb unit like a Witstro than for a speedlight because the internal reflective surfaces concentrate the soft, scattered light extremely well. A speedlight, with its more concentrated beam, would be less effective, though it would still work.

  • Rebecca Bryant - I actually PR'ed my squat in these this week and hit a double a 200 lbs!

    Those who follow my reviews know that my daughter is a powerlifter, so I bought these for her as a gift. Here is her review of the product. (I ordered her a size medium.)

  • T. Ballard - Real Reviews a Please! Don't push the spam!

    I just wish you all would stop posting useless reviews about your login issues! People want to know if the services work, not if your Kindle Fire HD does! Geez! And if you notice, all of the 3, 4, & 5 star reviews all say how "fun" the app is, but they've never made a purchase. Smh. The site is false advertising everybody. Save your time and money. If you download and login with Facebook it sends your friends spam. If you order from Wish, you spend a little money on something that's not worth a penny. Just be smart people. Use your heads. And why would you want to spend hours looking and compiling a list of things you want and will never get at the prices you are so excited about? Why???