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  • Bryan - Quick and Enjoyable Look Into Trump's Mindset

    Mike provides a concise look into both the mindset that has enabled Donald Trump to come so close to the Presidency and the environment the hoaxing media created making it possible. If you have been a longtime reader of Mike's site, Danger and Play than the media portion won't be a revelation to you. But the more platforms scumbags like National Review's Kevin Williamson are called out for writing working class communities they deserve to die the better.

  • Chandra S. West - works great

    I'm really happy with this. Does exactly what it says. Leaves hair soft and flowing (not stiff) with nice height and volume. The scent is fine too.

  • Walter GrumpyOldGuy Sabian - Best On The Market, Even If It Is "Hecho In China"

    I've had crock pots for decades, even when they were called dutch ovens or whatever. There are many knock-offs and wannabes out there, but the best ones--and safest!--are by Crock Pot. My last one was a smaller version with only one knob and three settings: OFF, MEDIUM, HIGH. It was okay for slow-cooking meals whose temperature could be HOT AS HECK all day, so I didn't mind too much.

  • Ian Gilhooley - Good value for the money

    I was out of town and needed a socket set so ordered this one from Amazon. I picked this particular socket set because it looked extensive and it was inexpensive. I was pleased with the purchase. The socket set arrived in two days (thanks to Prime) and I was able to do what needed to be done. In comparison to a more expensive socket set that I have at home this particular socket set seems a little on the flimsy side but there is no question that it is a very comprehensive set, let's you do what needs to be done and definitely provides good value for the money.

  • steve carnevale - Don't even try other products

    Look, I read why this stuff works, thicker viscosity and all that crap. I'm no scientist, all I know is my power steering fluid leaked out all at once overnight, bone dry. Steering whining like baby next morning. Added 16 0z. of Lucas and whining gone, no leaks? Totally amazed. For all the bull crap products that are out there it's great to find one that does what it says it will do. I'm going to try other Lucas products as needed, if the quality of their other products is as good it's gonna save me a ton of money. Already did actually. To be honest I don't even know where it was leaking from but it did the job. So far, so good.

  • David Tran - A must for social drinkers!

    I ordered this because I came to the conclusion that I can't drink like I used to meaning all fresh and productive the next day (in my late 20s now). I can attest that this product works very well. I've use Sobur for several nights and all of them includes heavy drinking (8 pints or more). Once I take these two magic red pills with 3 glasses of water, I woke up feeling great with no grudginess, and ready to attack the day. These pills are a must especially if you're a social drinker.