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Travel Packages Peru - We take care of the details, in all travel packages Peru. Operating Inca Trail to Machu Picchu over 10 years, unique and customizable travel experiences.

  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/qoyllorrity-spirituall-pilgrimage-to-the-snowy-mountain-peru/ Peru Pilgrimage Qullur Rit´i - The star snow festival is celebrated as thousands make the peru pilgrimage. Celebrated with dancing and costumes all are invited to participate.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/horseback-riding-cusco-temple-of-the-moon/ Horseback Riding Cusco - The Horseback riding Sacred Valley tour will take you to beautiful archeological complexes, located very close to the city, relax and take in the views.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/ayahuasca-retreat-in-cusco-one-day-medicine-yage-amazonian-and-andean-ceremony/ Ayahuasca Cusco Full Day - We our partners with one of the best clinics of Ayahuasca Cusco, and all of Peru. Experience your essence and heal your mind, body, emotions and spirit.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/integral-care-yoga-in-cusco-meditation-activity/ Yoga Cusco Day Tour - Take a yoga Cusco class privately or have a certified yoga instructor accompany you to incredible Inca ruins for an unforgettable experience.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/health-therapy-reiki-in-cusco/ Reiki Cusco - Our Reiki Cusco service provide a personalized session, in an appropriate environment. Cleansed of negative energies with a fully-trained reiki master.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/san-pedro-huachuma-ancestral-ceremony-in-cusco/ San Pedro Cusco - San Pedro Cusco ceremonies take place during the day and work as a communion between yourself, nature and the universe as a whole.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/andean-wedding-in-cusco-renew-marital-vows-andean-experience/ Andean Wedding - Andean wedding is a commitment ritual of the Andes, shared between the couple in communion with the sacred mountains and the mother earth.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/shamanic-ceremonies-oracle-reading-floral-bath-cleansing-ceremony-offering-to-pachamama-cusco/ Shamanic Ceremonies in Cusco - Traditional shamanic ceremonies in cusco such as coca leaf readings and offerings to the Mother Earth have been practiced since before the time of the Inca.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/coca-leaf-reading-ancestral-ceremony-questions-and-answers-andean-shaman/ Coca Leaf Reading with Q´eros - Communicate through the Andean oracle, the coca leaf reading of Cusco is an authentic experience to learn more about the traditional Andean Q´ero masters.
  • http://www.travelandhealing.com/machu-picchu/ Machu Picchu Inca Trail - Hike Inca Trail. Then stand tall above Machu Picchu on vacation, gazing down on the ancient structure. Our tour guide will give all the Machu Picchu facts.

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  • Lydia Britton - Smells great, but is not guaranteed to solve your problem (obviously).

    It pained me a little that the cat on the jug of Urine Off looks exactly like mine (haha). I followed other user's recommendation of injecting this into my carpet padding with a turkey injector, which was a painstaking process over several days. I applied several applications of the product on many occasions and it never really deterred my cat (I probably invested about $200 total in Urine Off when all was said and done. It did make the carpet areas she was soiling smell more pleasant and feel somewhat more clean, but eventually we just ended up tearing out the carpet because even this couldn't prevent her from doing her dirty work and we are fortunate that with some new medication and other environmental changes she hasn't soiled in that area since. For those desperate for a solution, this will certainly help with the stink, but be persistent with new veterinarians until you find one who can pinpoint what is wrong. Also try a lower-sided litter box.

  • michelle moore - Great conditioner for natural hair

    I love all Design Essential products. This is the only line that has worked for my natural hair. My hair has grown and it's soft. I love the tingling feeling of the conditioner. Love it!

  • bridgett - Bought on a whim

    I love this product! I first bought it on a whim when I saw it on the clearance shelf at Wal-mart for $5. I had never heard of Tio Nacho before and was curious. I was attracted to the fact that the label said it was a strengthening shampoo and contained all these beneficial ingredients but also because my hair had been falling out in droves and figured 'what's one more product in my shampoo closet gonna hurt?' and the price was right! The honey smell is strong and doesn't last long but the positive effects do. I don't know if is the true cause of my hair falling out any less, but I sure feel better about the way it looks and feels. I also don't feel the need to use as much as other shampoos, which helps it last much longer. I'm sold on the shampoo so now I'm going to try the anti-aging conditioner and pray for similiar - if not better - results.

  • Tiffanee Wylie - His brat, his kitten

    Max is blackmailed into getting married to a woman, Annabel, he hates by his parents. He spends his last night of freedom out at a bar and meets an eighteen year-old woman who he connections with. This young woman turns out to be Lola Grace and the daughter of Annabel. Lola Grace is a college student studying art history who despite having a horrible mother and a dead abusive first step father is a very mature eighteen year-old. I really liked this book however don't forget the warning this is a DARK book so if that isn't your thing please take that into consideration. There are a few things I didn't like so much but understood like the indecision of Max and his will power to do what he wanted. I didn't like Lola Grace's decisions to just give into whatever everyone wanted of her. There was quite a bit of this book I loved though so it just balanced everything out. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.

  • mitch camp - Great mats

    Excellent product.Fits perfectly in my 2013 150. These mats are heavy duty and not the flimsy ones. I love them.

  • Regan Russell - These are way too big for my 13 year old ...

    These are way too big for my 13 year old to swallow. I somehow thought they were chewable... I kept trying to get her to take it by cutting them in thirds, but have decided to give up and throw them out as my window for returning them has closed.

  • Kit Ebert - Very disappointed, this product is frustrating to use and loaded with quirks

    I have to say, I am very disappointed in this product. First of all, when I downloaded the gedcom file from ancestry.com to the home pc software, the current/living generations had the second marriages and kids assigned to different people and was very frustrating to fix those issues. The printing option had several errors when selecting a page size, it would be nice if they listed the paper measurements (inches and metric) instead of tabloid-A3-A4-Legal-etc. When printing, the font sizes should allow smaller font, the page borders had print errors when the actual page was printed, when 5 or more generations were printed on 11x17 paper there were some people missing on the page. The software should have a syncronization (up/down load) feature to allow both online and home trees to be updated. Saving and copying media files from other public trees are difficult and cumbersome. I could go on and on about issues and things I expected a higher end family tree software to have.