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  • D. T. Kleven - we've been on this diet for several months now

    After several months of sickness in my family, a friend told us we should go on a diet to restore our immune systems. I was extremely skeptical, and resistant to the initial thought of the GAPS diet. I have many friends who are into natural healing, and some of it is outright quackery, in my opinion. Nevertheless I finally read the book, and even though I read critically, in the end I was thoroughly convinced. In a nutshell, the thesis is that many mental and behavioral problems are directly related to problems in our digestive system. The reasons are varied, but basically an overload of toxins in our environment and food have wreaked havoc on our digestive system, which enters a vicious cycle. Bad bacteria proliferate, foods aren't digested, nutrients aren't absorbed, and toxins are created in our own digestive system. Ever smelled some bad gas before? This book details the diet meant to restore the digestive system, and thus alleviate one of the big sources of health problems.