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The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Hospital & Doctor Services - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY is a not-for-profit hospital providing healthcare, health info & doctor services to Southern Kentucky & Northern Tennessee.

  • http://www.themedicalcenterfranklin.org/internal/services/ The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Hospital & Emergency Services - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY provides outpatient & inpatient services & 24-hour emergency room. Healthcare services for Simpson County & Portland, TN.
  • http://www.themedicalcenterfranklin.org/internal/wellness/ The Medical Center: Franklin, KY Health & Wellness Programs - The Medical Center at Franklin, KY features health and wellness programs for Simpson County. We help individuals take charge of their health & well being.

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  • lauren brown - Anything from a natural perspective I like. I am studying to be an ND so ...

    Anything from a natural perspective I like. I am studying to be an ND so this is a book I needed for school.

  • Pedro Pablo Alcántara - overall fun, great fx

    Its enjoyable, overall fun, great fx. Its VERY hard to surpass the first two movies, especially being as awesome as they are. Its ghostbusters for a new generation and i think its cool that they took this in a different direction. Everyone in the cast sells their characters so well that after a while you can enjoy it . watch it with an open mind. All main characters from the first one are present in great cameos. And i didnt know this, they produced it. So. Its time to enjoy a different take on a classic and have fun.

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    this was the greatest and easiest overhead dvd player to install. u cannot buy a better 20 inch anywhere with only a simple two wire connect. big truck big t.v. i get compliments all the time from drivers behind or beside us, sometimes i just turn it on and drive down the road even if the 5 kids arent with me...lol. IM LOVIN' IT

  • mizzstepwhyte - I do see an improvement on the shade of my teeth now that I've used this kit once.

    I drink tea on an almost daily basis and the stains from drinking had made my teeth yellowish in color. I wasn't due for cleaning for another 2 months and needed something right away to whiten my teeth in between cleanings. Hopped on Amazon and was overwhelmed by the vast selection of At Home Teeth Whitening Kits. Saw this kit and was immediately drawn to it because of the added LED light that comes with it. Many other kits did not include that the LED light and not that I would know the difference with using the kits with or without the light, but for the price added an extra item to brighten my teeth at the same price is an added bonus that I couldn't pass up. I've used it once and followed the directions to a tee and can say that although my teeth are not yet pearly white, I do see a drastic improvement in the shade prior to using this kit and will continue to purchase for in-between whitening.

  • Cass - No fan of Norton

    Have not been able to use it came without a code key and Norton offered not solution except "buy another". Say What? I am finally done with Norton. Microsoft's Security works just fine without the hassle and it's free.

  • KARLA CARROLL - Great item!!

    It was delivered the next day, so I was very pleased! It is an excellent item which is not available in any drugstores in my area.

  • BRIDGET HARRISON - This product arrived on time and in good condition. The calendar is as described

    This product arrived on time and in good condition. The calendar is as described. The packaging is secure and the calendar has a sturdy white back which arrived with no bends/rips/etc. I purchased this calendar for my kids. This is a year calendar, so my kids enjoyed “punching” the bubble dates to get us caught up. They enjoy pressing the bubble dates each morning. I plan to purchase one for a friend who teaches pre-school as well. I received a discount copy for review purposes. I received the product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.