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The London Skin and Hair Clinic Dermatology - Dermatology Clinic - Dermatology clinic. Dermatologists available weekdays, evenings and Saturdays treating acne, melanoma, psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, hair loss and all conditions affecting skin, hair, scalp and nails

  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/ Dermatology Conditions - Information on dermatology conditions affecting hair, scalp, nails, genitals, mouth and skin including what causes the dermatology conditions, the symptoms of the dermatology conditions and how to treat the dermatology conditions.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/acne/ Acne - What is Acne? Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments | LSAH - Acne is the development of inflammatory and comedonal lesions (blackheads and whiteheads) on the skin and mainly affects the face, chest and back.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/alopecia-areata/ Alopecia Areata causes and treatment - Alopecia areata is an auto-immune inflammatory condition causing patches of hair loss, affecting men, women and children
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/cradle-cap/ Cradle Cap - Cradle cap is a patchy, scaly and crusty rash on the scalp of newborn babies. In most cases babies are not aware they have the condition.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/eczema/ Eczema and dermatitis - Eczema, Atopic dermatitis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/excessive-dandruff/ Excessive dandruff - Dandruff is the excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp.The cause is not fully known but may be an inflammatory reaction to yeast on the skin. It can be aggravate by illness, stress, change in season and health.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/folliculitis/ Follucilitis - Find out what causes Folliculitis of the scalp, what are the symptoms of folliculitis and how to treat folliculitis
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/fungal-infection/ Fungal skin infections - A fungal infection of the nail is known as onychomycosis. The condition is caused by specific yeasts or moulds.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/genital-warts/ Genital Warts - Genital warts are very common and can occur in and around the genitals. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) through direct skin to skin contact. Genital warts usually appear 2-3 months after infection, but gaps up to 1 year have been reported
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/keloids/ Keloids - A keloid is an excessive production of scar tissue. They are more common in darker skin types. The common areas are the breastbone, shoulder, earlobe and cheek.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/melasma/ Melasma - Melasma is a skin condition in which light to dark brown or grey patches of pigmentation develop, most commonly on the face
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/molluscum/ Molluscum contagiosum - Molluscum contagiosum is a very common viral skin infection which particularly affects children and is spread from person to person by direct contact
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/rosacea/ Rosacea - Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by facial redness and flushing. It primarily affects caucasians.
  • http://www.thelondonskinandhairclinic.com/dermatology-conditions/vitiligo/ Vitiligo - Vitiligo is a dermatology condition where areas of skin lose their normal pigment. It is treated with topical steroids or phototherapy

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