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  • Tony - Don't buy it. Use free Microsoft Security Essentials

    I had a McAFee in my computer for several years which was automatically updated by McAfee and costed me over $50.00 per year. The thing troubled me the most was it slowed the computer big time. I was so busy to fix it until this year McAfee did automatic renew again, then I decided to cancel the automatic renew and buy a newer version might help. So I bought the 2012 version. I unstalled McAFee in my computer and installed the new one. But the next day, the old version was still there and told me that it would expire in a few days!!! So the new software didn't work. I wish I can return the software.

  • Donna B. Wyatt - Hallmark 2012 Card Studio - DO NOT BUY

    Hallmark's 2010 version worked like a dream on Windows XP. Then the upgrades began. The Hallmark 2011 was a disaster as it did not load properly even after tech pros tried to help. It was impossible to get customer service on the phone (no human) after several tries. Thank goodness I bought this through Amazon who helped to get the refund for me. I thought getting the DOWNLOAD 2012 version was the answer but this was worse. I am still in the process of trying to get help or a refund after several hours on the phone waiting for a "Hallmark" human. Do not buy this 2012 product. In fact...RUN away fast!

  • M. Spiller - so this works great. It also reinstalled without a hitch after I ...

    I only use write, outlook and excel, so this works great. It also reinstalled without a hitch after I crashed windows 10. I ended up buying n OEM version of windows 10, wiped the partition on my drive and reinstalled from scratch. (Much better than the upgrade because it didn't leave a bunch of garbage or quirks behind.) Office reinstalled easily a second time without asking any questions.

  • Cheska - Daughter loves it!

    daughter really loves this chocolate flavor. Now, a lot of people saying she's getting taller and gaining weight. But I buy hers from walmart. Her pedia recommended it and she also gives us coupons to use.

  • Mike Paull - Perfect for my needs.

    This thing sucks !. Ha, ha. It works great for my tool use.(one tool at a time, no "duct" system) It's small, compact and looks good compared to those big huge ugly dust collectors. It just hangs there in the corner and does it's job.

  • charles v sparks - This taillight is awesome! Super easy to install

    This taillight is awesome! Super easy to install! Two bolts, three plug, and its in! It looks cool and easier to be seen especially when stopping.