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  • Rbgilcrease - Answer to my prayers!

    Due to a medical condition, my hair became very thin in the crown and widened my part. I also have a small area at the top of head that is nearly bald. For years I struggled with trying to hide the thinning areas with no success. I was limited on how I could style my hair and felt self conscience all the time.this product has changed all that for me. Now it's not magic but once you master your application technique it really makes all the difference. This product doesn't stick to your hair- it settles on your scalp, that's what gives you the coverage. The goal is to apply it lightly so that you don't just end up with colored blotches on your scalp. Dusting it lightly will make The powder settle into the follicles creating the look of more hair. You want to section off the hair just around your part (so you don't get any on the scalp of your part) then apply around the area. Then when you lay the sectioned hair back over the areas where you applied, you will have a nice natural look. You can also put the back side of a comb over your part to cover and very lightly apply toppik around it for added coverage. You always want a thin layer of your hair laying over an area where you applied the product. If you get to much in one spot, just scrape it around your scalp with a comb to push it into the surrounding areas follicles. Once you get the application down it looks fantastic and undetectable. I had told my husband when I ordered toppik and he was beyond sceptical that it would work. But when I applied it and showed him he was amazed and couldn't believe how thick my hair looked. He literally studied my head and couldn't detect the powder. If you have been struggling with thinning hair try this, and keep trying until you get the hang of the application. It has made an huge difference in my life and my self esteem and can help you too

  • Derek Woods - Great case!

    Fits phone really well, very sturdy design that doesn't impede any of the phone's functionality or form.

  • Amazon Customer - It was ok. Taste was gross though.

    I think it made my hair grow faster, BUT the taste was gross and I got sick of it so I switched to something else. Idk if the gummies were old or if that's just how they taste but they had a terrible soapy taste and aftertaste.