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  • G. Heyde - It was a 5***** Product until today!

    I have owned this vacuum a little over 6 months ! I absolutely LOVED IT! With 2 shedding dogs and laminate flooring ,it was the perfect replacement for the Swiffer vacs that die every 6 months. Today the beater bar no longer comes on. It still works otherwise but the beater bar was so nice to run over the floor rugs. It is half the vacuum it was. This was not a cheap vacuum! I have a Beam central vacuum system for use most days. It was always maintained. This was only used in between, for those quick clean ups. Why doesn't anything last anymore! I think I know the answer to that, another discussion. Buying American made anything is nearly impossible. Very sad.

  • Karen Beth - Really like this Biltong Jerky

    Really like this Biltong Jerky...nice flavor, has a hint of allspice flavor which I enjoy. I like that it is good quality beef and not super salty tasting - and doesn't have that overwhelming teriyaki flavor that so many others have. The meat is somewhat tough and chewy, as true jerky is, and personally I like that it lasts longer that way...what I didn't like was the piece with gristle in it that I couldn't chew. It is quite pricey and for that money I don't want to have to spit any out. I really did like the flavor, and I love the quality of it, so I would consider buying again, though price is definitely a consideration, I got this at a discount and with shipping costs it still was quite expensive...especially considering I could go through one rather quickly.

  • Joanne D. - My kids love these!

    My kids love these, which I love because they don't like the vitamin C you put in their drinks. If I had one bad thing to say, it seems like the lid might be easy for a kid to get off, so keep them up.

  • Jerinelle Wray - Changed my life!

    This product is a major part of the regimen I found by the grace of God, to bring a massive Candida outbreak in my body under control. My painful areas of horrible rash are GONE now, but I use 3 lac daily along with my diet to keep my body in a slightly alkaline state (around 7.25). I no longer use anything topically to keep the rash away, but I maintain brutal vigilance over my diet and keep 3 Lac in my system along with whatever food I take in. W/out trying at all, I have also lost 25 lbs. I still can't believe that has happened. I have had a weight problem all my life and would battle to get even 1 pound off. I never knew all the things I know now that were sabotaging my own efforts. I will never be the same and 3 lac will always be a part of my life.The bonus paks in these boxes is a real deal!

  • Jimmy Fisher - tells it like it is

    This book is not for everybody, but if you wantto be informed to the highest degree and have an open mind, you will get a lot of info hard to find. Thomas Horn is a very knowledgable and experienced writer, tells it like it is, and the day we are living....beware and take note!!!Great JOB Mr. Horn!!

  • Connor S. - Very temperamental... a bit of a frustration

    This product seems to be more line-of-sight than it is Bluetooth. My bedroom is 10' x 10' and charging my phone on one side (or simply holding my hand between the phone and the receiver) will cause immediate distortion of sound. Additionally, the battery life seems to be erratic -- sometimes 3-4 hours, other times as short as 30 minutes. Not sure if this is a lemon unit, or if I just got what I paid for...