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Talk choice - all about contraceptive choice - Talk choice will give you information to help you talk to your doctor or nurse and choose the best contraception for you.

  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices My contraceptive choices - from LARCs to daily methods - From LARCs to daily methods there’s a wide range of contraceptives available so you can find an option that fits with your body, sex life, health and lifestyle.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/the-contraceptive-injection Contraceptive injection – talk choice - The injection contains the hormone progestogen. The injection is a long-term method of contraception that lasts for 8-13 weeks depending on the type.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/iud Intrauterine device (IUD)/Coil – talk choice - The IUD (also known as the Coil) is a long acting reversible contraception (LARC).
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/the-ius Intrauterine system (IUS) – talk choice - The IUS is a long acting reversible contraception (LARC) and contains the hormone progestogen.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/the-ring Contraceptive ring – talk choice - The contraceptive ring is a flexible transparent plastic ring that contains oestrogen and progestogen.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/the-patch Contraceptive patch – talk choice - The patch contains the hormones oestrogen and progestogen. Each patch lasts for seven days.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/the-combined-pill Combined pill – talk choice - The combined pill, sometimes also called ‘the Pill’, contains the hormones oestrogen and progestogen.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/condoms Condoms – talk choice - Condoms are a hormone-free method of contraception, so you don’t have to worry about any hormone-related side effects.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/diaphragm-cap Diaphragm/cap – talk choice - The diaphragm or cap is a barrier method of contraception that you place in to the vagina to cover the entrance to the womb before having sex.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/emergency-contraception Emergency contraception – talk choice - If you think your contraception has failed, or if you have had sex without using contraception, don’t panic. There are two main types of emergency contraception available: Emergency contraceptive pill and the intrauterine device (IUD).
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/natural-methods Natural methods – talk choice - Natural family planning or ‘fertility awareness’ involves being able to identify your body’s different natural signs or ‘fertility indicators’ on each day of your menstrual cycle.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/my-contraceptive-choices/sterilisation Sterilisation – talk choice - Sterilisation is a permanent method of contraception suitable for people who do not wish to have children.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk Let’s talk about change – talk choice - There are many people to speak to regarding changing your contraception such as your mother, your friends, your partner or your doctor. There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the best method for you so don’t be embarrassed to talk about sex, contraception and what exactly you expect from it. It’s an important, normal part of life.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/what-to-expect-during-a-consultation What to expect during a consultation – talk choice - Talking through your contraception choices with an expert can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. So you’ve made the first step towards safer sex by deciding to talk about contraception methods you can choose from, but how do you decide where’s the best place to go for advice? And what are they going to ask you?
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/whats-right-for-me What’s right for me? – talk choice - Start your contraception journey here. Three simple steps to getting a form of contraception that’s right for you.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/general-conversation-starters General conversation starters – talk choice - Long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC), permanet contraceptives, contraceptive pills...the list goes on. Are you confused yet? Making the right contraceptive choice can be confusing, which is why talking about your options is important.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/general-conversation-starters/talking-to-your-doctor-or-nurse Talking to your doctor or nurse – talk choice - Feeling embarrassed about speaking with your GP or nurse about contraception? There is absolutely no need to be! It’s a topic they are used to dealing with, day in, day out.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/general-conversation-starters/talking-to-your-partner Talking to your partner – talk choice - Whether you’ve been together for 3 weeks or 3 years, it’s important to talk through the options to make sure you choose the best method to suit your body and lifestyle. Choosing the best method will mean you can enjoy your sex life and forget about the worry of an unplanned pregnancy!
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/general-conversation-starters/talking-to-your-parents Talking to your parents – talk choice - Have you spoken to your parents about contraception? It may be a topic you find too embarrassing or intimidating to discuss with them, but you should consider it as an option. Your parents are in an excellent position to offer advice and answer your questions, as they know you so well.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/lets-talk/general-conversation-starters/talking-to-your-daughter-or-son Talking to your daughter or son – talk choice - It may be a topic you feel uncomfortable discussing with your son or daughter, or a topic they are not comfortable discussing with you, but the area of contraception is important for everyone’s peace of mind.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/what-contraception-should-i-use What contraception should I choose? – talk choice - There are a number of reasons why people use contraception; from not wanting to become pregnant, to period regulation, or the treatment of acne. No matter the reason, it’s important to know the facts so you can make a decision that best suits your individual needs.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/what-contraception-should-i-use/faqs FAQs – talk choice - With so many options on offer you’re bound to have a few questions. Dr Tina Peers, a consultant in contraception and sexual health, has answered some of the most common questions below.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/what-contraception-should-i-use/glossary Glossary of terms – talk choice - There may be a number of terms or words used throughout the website that you are not entirely familiar with. Take a look at the glossary of terms below for some helpful guidance.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/what-contraception-should-i-use/useful-links Useful links – talk choice - There are various websites that you may find helpful, which offer further information on the topics of contraception and sexual health.
  • http://www.talkchoice.co.uk/myths Common contraception myths – talk choice - There are many common myths surrounding contraception, which can often make the topic seem confusing and scary. Make sure you know the facts, so the myths are put to bed and you can feel safe and you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

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