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  • genesis angeles - excellent

    I just started using this product a week ago and so far I really like it. Before I started taking Super HD, I was taking NDS Liporush and unlike Liporush, Super HD doesn't give me the terrible jitters but it does keep me energized and focused throughout my entire workout routine. Not to mention that it definitely controls appetite and diminishes the cravings and it definitely speeds up my metabolism!! I do agree with some of the reviews about Super HD being a very strong supplement so much so that it made me nauseous the first and second time I used it; however, as the week progressed the nauseousness went away completely. I recommend this product so far because you get exactly what you're investing in haha... I'll write an updated review on this product in a month or so.

  • Thomas - Sole F80

    Just received the treadmill yesterday. I actually opted to pick it up at the ABF facility as it was so close to my house. I put the treadmill together this morning with absolutely NO PROBLEM in 45 minutes. Once I had it together I did a 30 min walk/jog utilizing cardio mode and let me tell you this treadmill is rock solid! I am 6'2" 245lbs and I read that tall people should opt for the F85. I thought about it, but honestly I did not want to spend more than $1500 on a treadmill. I am so glad I went with the F80. I once had a Horizon and there is absolutely no comparison. Sole is commercial quality! I really look forward to the coming months and shedding some pounds. Do not waste your time researching all the brands, just get this one. Having won 2 World Powerlifting Championships along with numerous National Championships in Powerlifting I know a thing or two about fitness equipment. Will post a follow up after 6 months of use.

  • Paola 22 - Good Product, Questionable Business Practices

    First of all, this is a very good product. Use a small amount once a week and it does remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. BUT like many of the other reviewers, I got pulled over at a mall and fast talked. I resisted and resisted, and the price went down as additional products were added. Since I did not know what the products should actually cost, I had no way of knowing whether or not I had bargained well. Looking at the product prices listed on Amazon, I know that I was not totally taken advantage of, but I could have done much better. DO NOT buy any of these products at a mall. The prices are much better on-line. I'm not sure why a company whose products are actually quite good uses these business practices. It is quite possible, as another reviewer stated, that because the company is based in Israel where bargaining is a way of life, as it is throughout the Middle East, they expect you to bargain actively, rather than accept any of the quoted prices.

  • The Best purchase I have ever made! - The Best purchase I have ever made!

    Thanks to this well written book, I was convinced and persued the new oral HGH with embedded precursors that is now on the the market. ...with vantastic results! It explains in detail of how the mechanisms aging are interelated to HGH and how can slow down and rejuvenate individuals. If you want to feel like your at your peak all the time, read this book!