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  • melloui - Reynolds has added a great aid for cooking!

    This is a product I use almost daily. A small piece of this foil placed upon a steak plate is the exact size for baking two servings of fish or meat. Toast is also easily prepared on this nonstick foil. Vegetables can be sauteed using this method. Order this from Amazon, as it is not always available in other stores.

  • HELEN NOAHUBBI - Frustrating

    About 4 days ago the app started messing up. Whenever I select a movie or show it will play for 30 seconds and then it starts flashing. I have reinstalled it and have called the app store and it still doesn't work.

  • Will - Not bad, not good

    I normally enjoy John Cusack movies and he's one of my favorite actors, but this movie was a disappointment. It was a good story but like most of the Hollywood movies these days, it seemed to rely too much upon the special effects. It was just too much special effects and not enough acting or plot.

  • Amazon Customer - Evelyn, After: a Novel

    Wow! This book packs a surprising punch. At times I wasn't sure who was crazy. But it DID all sort out. More sex scenes than I like in a story. It was hard to put down and get back to my own life. It was a

  • Rodney Reiss - Cheap

    I have owned a lot of Dewalt products, but this is by far the only crappy one I have owned. You can't use it for more than a minute or two without it heating up and not being able to handle it because of the heat. Would work for minor jobs that take a second or two but anything more would be better off with a hand file.

  • M. Hwu - This is wonderful!

    Got this item from Amazon after reading some reviews here. I have to say this is a very good one. Totally agree with the positive reviews here. If you don't like wires and your cup is not too big, this one is great for you. I will order more of there. Hopefully Amazon will continue to carry this for the same price.