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  • Ryan Sawtelle - Perfect Fit, works on the rims too!

    Perfect fit on my 2012 Malibu. PS. These also for perfectly for the Chevy emblem on center cap of the rims!!

  • Kathy Young - Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games

    I just bought the Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011 and can't run Panic, remembrance, sudoku, big bang brain games. Never had any problems with Hoyle when it was Sierra but things are not the same with Encore?? I gave away all my old Hoyle games and after my computer needed a new motherboard etc I bought the new Hoyle game this week and none of the added puzzles work. I will not buy another Hoyle Game again!! There is no support for the game and when I tried on line the tech from hoylegaming.com wanted money for the solution...

  • Lisa Mann - Cheap Hydrogen Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil - far superior

    EMUAID's essential ingredient is TEA TREE OIL - get a bottle for $10 at the health food store - or spend $48 for one of these with an "exotic" howbeit USELESS ingredient (Emu oil from a bird we'd prefer to NOT see slaughtered for this snake oil product). GET the Tea Tree Oil and apply drops of it - it is powerful! ALSO for MRSA: hydrogen peroxide applied to the boils. Claims: "fill up the bathtub and pour a quart in, soak for 30 minutes; repeat every 2 hours. Your MRSA will fade away (don't get H2O2 water in your eyes)". H2O2 costs $1.97 a bottle. Skip this snake oil.

  • Michael Steven - Giving it 3 stars because they do look cool, but not so effective

    Bought the smoked ones for my 2015 JKU. Anyone saying these are brighter than the stock tail lights are insane! These are so dim I'm almost afraid to get rear ended. Giving it 3 stars because they do look cool, but not so effective.