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  • Amazon Customer - ... to a wide area so I can take the perfect selfie. Definitely would recommend this for night time ...

    This item perfectly on my iPhone and directs the light to a wide area so I can take the perfect selfie. Definitely would recommend this for night time gatherings/parties.

  • Rocket City Jeeper - Quick and easy install and it works exactly as described

    This is the first thing everyone with a dual mode GM exhaust should install on their car. Quick and easy install and it works exactly as described. My car now sounds like it should always.

  • Gilbert - Houston Tx - CALLIBRATION is an ISSUE!

    Great design and functionality - HOWEVER - the callibration is off and there are no instructions on how to get it corrected.

  • Mr. Doug - Frick and frack watch out

    Great nut master of all time. Even bill has had his nuts cracked. Great gift for any liberal fat democrat but after the first two nuts, the fun is gone. Great at shredding parties and funerals. Would recommend at sex parties but Chelsey might show up and want a pair to go with her own. Wonder how the Chinese kept her legs together during manufacturing? Great likeness but the head needs to spin all the way around for the exorcism. If you bend it over you will find a male anatomy just like we always thought. It does not glow in the dark but looks even better. Next release will come with a double dong strap on for those hard to crack nuts.

  • Mark Bender - Good beginner turntable to satiate your vinyl lust

    This is about what I would expect for a very entry level, box (toy) turntable. It's pretty cool for the kids to get them introduced to the vinyl re-revolution that is going on. There's some things that I like about this TT, and there's some things that I don't. I'm not going to get all super negative or super positive either way because, let's face it, this is not a $5000 audiophile product. It's a cardboard turntable with a very basic setup that lets you listen to records, better or worse. The one thing that I don't like is that it has a smoky plastic cover. Why is this a negative for me? Well, part of the coolness of these types of turntables is the portability. Putting a solid cover that is more briefcase like is the ideal way to go. Tyler has an option for this so I'd say, if this is important to you, choose that one. It's better protection for the tonearm, stylus and other delicate parts when you are moving from one location to the other. One thing I do like is the headphone jack. Not all turntables in this class offer this option. It's nice for my daughter to listen to the latest vinyl and keep it in her headphones when I don't want to share her jam sessions with Justin Bieber (just kidding -- she hates the Biebs). Audio quality is nice. Construction is very good and I feel it will last as long as the similar one that I had as a kid.

  • Louis H Otos - Handy and performs as advertised

    This is not a fancy channel collector for your computer but it is considerably complex for a $10 item. It saves time over trying to collect all the channels it provides and operate each channel independently. If your taste is for low-grade TV and/or like old TV shows, this unit is for you.

  • ZoZo - Recommended, but be prepared...

    First of all, my daughter absolutely loved this book. It was her favorite book from about 9-14 months of age. She literally wanted to look at it every day. It was great! What more could a parent ask for? Well, I'll tell you our qualms about it. It seems outdated. Very outdated. Most of the pictures look like they are from the 80's and 90's. The clothing pictures are the worst. For example, children no longer wear pajamas that look like the ones pictured in this book. The slippers look like ones I may have worn when I was a child. There are also several photos that I just skip over when I am reading it to my little one because I don't want to confuse her, or I end up naming the photo something different than the author did. There is a picture of a crib mobile for example. Does anyone use those anymore? To make it worse, it is an outdated photo of a mobile. There is also a photo of a toy boat that is even unfamiliar to me. It looks like something my mother may have played with as a child? The farm animal pages are also confusing to a one year old. The author did not choose photos that look like a common sheep, goat, lamb, etc. So, it took a long time for my daughter to learn them. I know this because she had been quick to learn the names of these same animals in other books, but in this book would give the farm animals a puzzled look and point to the wrong ones when asked.