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Stanley Ducharme - Specializing in Sexual Dysfunction, Physical Disability, Addictions - Stanley Ducharme, Ph.D., spinal cord injury, brain injury, rehabilitation, physical disability, sexual dysfunction, disfunction, impotence, erectile dysfunction, pre-mature premature ejaculation, sex therapist, therapy, psychologist, psychology, psycholgists, counseling, sexuality and disability, addiction, relationships, couple counseling, marital therapy, fertility, depression, trauma, sexual addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, health psychology, female sexual dysfunction, psychotherapy, ducharme, stress, libido, sexual desire, consultation, Boston, MA, ma, mass, Massachusetts

  • http://www.stanleyducharme.com/resources/female_sexual.html Female Sexual Functioning and Dysfunction - Stanley Ducharme is a psychologist and sex therapist specializing in physical disability, rehabilitation, sexual dysfunction and relationship issues. He also provides consultation and training to rehabilitation hospitals and community agencies on issues of sexuality and disability.

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  • Steph - one of the better 'dad is superhero' books

    Heart-warming tale from kids' perspective about how his dad is the superhero. I Liked that u included such 'superpowers' as teaching kids about telling the truth, eating veggies, and showing this dad playing w his kids while also juggling job that takes him to china. nicely done!

  • Thomas F Olszewski - Don't bother

    I wouldn't say I hate it because it didn't do anything. It claimed to help with menopausal symptoms and to help lose weight. Well, it didn't do what it said it would do anyway. I felt no difference when taking this pill. Save your money!

  • Rosemary S. - Love Skinnytaste, but this is just ok

    I absolutely love the first cookbook and the blog and will probably buy every cookbook Gina writes, but this one is mediocre compared to the first cookbook. When I received the first cookbook, I had a meal plan ready for weeks because everything looked so delicious and different from the blog. I have had this cookbook for almost a week and haven't even flipped all the way through it. The recipes don't look bad, but many seem like they have been on the blog before or just nothing too exciting. With that being said, I am trying a couple recipes from it this week and I am sure they will be delicious. I guess the bottom line is that my expectations far exceeded the actual cookbook this time around.

  • Just the Facts. - Nice aid for stargazers

    Arrived on time in good shape. Regardless of intelligence some people just can't read star charts. This small device can help persons without decades of experience learn their night sky. I find it helpful in areas of extreme light pollution because it can show constellation arrangements that they would normally never see.

  • Heidi - Son LOVED this advent calendar

    My son was excited to have this for Christmas! At first he was unhappy because he was used to having the chocolate ones but having something that lasts after the holiday is gone was a nice change! We liked guessing together what we thought was behind each number.