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SpineSurgery.com | Gary Kraus, MD, Neurosurgeon, Houston TX Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Non-surgical Spine Care - Houston spine surgeon Gary Kraus is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who performs spine surgery and other minimally invasive treatments for back pain an

  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/about/dr-gary-e-kraus-md Dr. Gary Kraus – Non-surgical, Minimally Invasive Neurosurgeon – KBNI, Houston | SpineSurgery.com - Dr. Gary Kraus of the Kraus Back and Neck Institute specializes in non-surgical treatment and is recognized as a top Houston neurosurgeon.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/about/about-kbni Kraus Back and Neck Institute – Fellowship Trained Neurosurgeon – Houston, TX | SpineSurgery.com - Board certified and fellowship trained neurosurgeon offering a higher standard of care. Learn more about our successful treatment of spinal problems
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/about/meet-the-team The Kraus Back and Neck Institute – Compasionate Medical Care, Meet the Team | SpineSurgery.com - Dr. Kraus’ team includes pain specialists, physical medicine technicians, and medical assistants all with compassion, kindness and honesty
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/minimally-invasive-spine-surgery Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Benefits – Dr. Gary Kraus MD | SpineSurgery.com - MISS, or minimally invasive spine surgery, reduces the need for large incisions, muscle cutting, and a long period of recovery.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/anterior-cervical-discectomy-and-fusion-acdf Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) – Dr. Gary Kraus, Houston Neurosurgeon | SpineSurgery.com - Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is performed to treat spinal cord and nerve root compression that can be caused by many spine condition
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/axialif Lumbar Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment, AxiaLIF – Dr. Gary Kraus | SpineSurgery.com - Axial lumbar interbody fusion or AxiaLIF, is a surgical procedure performed to treat lower back and leg pain caused by lumbar stenosis.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/cervical-disc-replacement Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement, Fusion Alternative – Dr. Gary Kraus | SpineSurgery.com - Artificial cervical disc replacement is a fusion alternative for patients suffering from a herniated disc. Learn more about this procedure here.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/image-guidance-surgery Dr. Gary Kraus – Spine Treatment Options, Image Guided Spine Surgery | SpineSurgery.com - Image guided spine surgery entails using a high-performance computer system. Learn more about this spine treatment option here.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/kyphoplasty Dr. Gary Kraus – Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Kyphoplasty | SpineSurgery.com - Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical option to treat vertebral compression fractures that can result from osteoporosis.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/laminoplasty Laminoplasty, Lumber Stenosis Treatment – Dr. Gary Kraus | SpineSurgery.com - Laminoplasty is a surgical procedure that may be used in cases of cervical stenosis, cervical disc herniation, spondylosis and lumber stenosis.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/laminotomy Dr. Gary Kraus – Disc Herniation Treatment, Laminotomy Surgery | SpineSurgery.com - Laminotomy, a surgical procedure performed to relieve spinal cord and/or nerve root compression, can be used in cases of disc herniation and stenosis.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/alif-plif-tlif-dlif Lumbar Interbody Fusion, Spine Surgery – The Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - Learn about the types of lumbar interbody fusion surgery including ALIF, PLIF, TLIF and DLIF.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/lower-back-lumbar Lower Back Surgery, Lumbar Spine Disorders – The Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - Lumbar spine surgery is seldom necessary for low back pain and related symptoms. Learn about spine disorders that may require surgery.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/mis-spondylolisthesis Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Spondylolisthesis – The Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - For some spondylolisthesis cases, your neurosurgeon may recommend a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure instead of traditional spine surgery.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/posterior-cervical-laminectomy-and-fusion Posterior Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion, Spine Treatments – Dr. Gary Kraus | SpineSurgery.com - Degenerative disc disease, herniated disc and cervical stenosis are sometimes treated with Posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion. Learn more.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/posterior-spinal-fusion Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery, Back and Neck Pain Houston – The Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - Posterior spinal fusion means your neurosurgeon adds bone graft at the back of your spine during surgery.Learn more about this spine procedure.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/surgical-treatments/spinal-fusion-with-instrumentation The Kraus Back and Neck Institute – Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation | SpineSurgery.com - Used to treat a variety of spinal disorders, the purpose of spinal fusion with instrumentation is to immediately and permanently stabilize the spine.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/acupuncture Licensed Acupuncturist, Accupuncture Treatment Plans – Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - A licensed acupuncturist can offer relief as part of a regular treatment plan for back and neck pain. Learn more about this alternative therapy.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/cervical-bracing Neck Pain Treatment, Cervical Bracing – Dr. Gary Kraus | SpineSurgery.com - Cervical bracing is prescribed by a doctor to reduce neck movement, add support, or to keep your neck in a fixed position. Learn more here.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/chiropractic-care Chiropractic Care, Back and Neck Pain Treatment Options – Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - Spinal manipulation or adjustments are a staple of chiropractic care. Learn more about spinal manipulation for back and neck problems.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/lumbar-bracing Lumbar Spinal Bracing, Non-Surgical Scheuermann’s Kyphosis Treatment – Dr. Gary Kraus | SpineSurgery.com - The type of brace your doctor recommends is based on your diagnosis and treatment plan and may be combined with other non-surgical spine treatments.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/physical-therapy The Kraus Back and Neck Center – Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain | SpineSurgery.com - Physical therapists are skilled and certified professionals who receive extensive training in passive and active therapies, and biomechanics.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/spinal-bracing Spinal Bracing, Types of Spinal Braces – The Kraus Back and Neck Institute | SpineSurgery.com - Spinal bracing is used to treat spinal deformity and depending on your spine problem, may help reduce pain too. Learn about different brace types.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/non-surgical-treatments/spinal-decompression-machines Dr. Gary Kraus – Non-Invasive Treatment, Spinal Decompression Machines | SpineSurgery.com - Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for herniated disc, lumbar radiculopathy, sciatica and other spinal conditions.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/pain-management/what-is-pain-management Dr. Gary Kraus – Types of Pain, What is Pain Management? | SpineSurgery.com - Pain management specialists including neurosurgeons, treat all types of pain acute and chronic, in order to improve your quality of life.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/pain-management/is-pain-management-right-for-you The Kraus Back and Neck Institute – Is Pain Management Right for You? | SpineSurgery.com - Pain medicine can help manage pain and symptoms for those with spondylosis, stenosis, cervical radiculopathy and other back and neck conditions.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/pain-management/injections-to-manage-pain Spinal Injection, Back and Neck Pain Treatment – Dr. Gary Kraus MD | SpineSurgery.com - Spinal injection may be a treatment option for those suffering from chronic or acute back and neck pain.
  • http://www.spinesurgery.com/pain-management/how-do-spinal-injections-help Dr. Gary Kraus MD – Spinal Injection Benefits | SpineSurgery.com - Your response to spinal injection and information your doctor learns while performing the injection helps him to fine-tune your treatment plan.

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