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  • elias - Good buy

    The keys are a good buy. I had a bit of trouble with the item offered dus to a mix up resolved within a week.

  • Jordan E. Fox - Very effective

    Sleeping on my side to reduce snoring was not working for me. I have very sensitive feeling. I don’t like the feeling of putting something on my nose. Wife has been complaining about my snoring problem and she is tired on always putting me on my side to reduce the sound. Bought this product as a friend recommendation and the result is not 100% effective but it did reduce the loud noise that wife can tolerate. I am also comfortable wearing this while sleeping.

  • A. Allen - Well built but heavy

    We purchased this car seat because it was recommended as having a narrow base to fit three car seats in the back seat of my mid-size SUV. While it is on the narrow side, we ended up not being able to use the rigid latch system in our configuration of three across. It is well made, but by far the heaviest car seat I have ever installed (even three members of the local fire department that checked car seat installation agreed...) For those who have to move car seats around frequently, I would recommend a lighter car seat than the Foonf.

  • David G. - Good deal for the frequent visitor, but...

    I visit Vegas at least 3-4x/year. This guide continues to be a good value year after year for the frequent Las Vegas visitor. However, the offers this year are not as good as years past and are more and more concentrated on food/dining than gaming. I would recommend reviewing the complete list of offers prior to purchase to make sure this will benefit you on your trip.

  • Jonathan H Lynch - Rick Steves' is so Helpful & Practical!

    We got the Rick Steves' Italy 2013 book, and it really helps with trip planning! He includes so many helpful tips that it is worth the price alone just for those - such as how to avoid the lines at many of the sights, how to save money, what sights are worth seeing, etc. He also includes a lot of practical information such as how to use your cell phone internationally, how to ride the Italian trains and buses, what the typical store hours are and much more. I like the fact that Rick believes you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to have a great time in Europe, and that he emphasizes going with the flow and interacting with the culture you are visiting!

  • Matt Schuhmann - Great quality. Installed in under 2hrs

    Great quality. Installed in under 2hrs. Instructions were a bit out of order but i was also using the Honda instructions so that was no problem. A metal cutting power tool is not required but highly recommended for cutting the trim pieces (I started with a hacksaw and it would have taken a long time to make all cuts). The measurements (in mm) were a little short but did not pose a problem. I also used Loctite Blue on the bolts.

  • Sarah Odem - Drinkable

    I'll start by saying this is my first vegetable protein, so maybe it's supposed to be pretty awful tasting, but it was hard to stomach for awhile. Then the Stockholm Syndrome kicked in and I kinda missed it once I ran out. I'm even contemplating buying it again... Don't know what's wrong with me! I usually added cinnamon to help mask the grossness.