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Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatology - In Madison and Huntsville, Alabama - Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatology provides care for those with skin concerns at any age, with specific expertise for those with cancers of the skin.

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  • Desire Baessler - great for practice

    When I was preparing for the Pharmacy technician certification board exam, I knew that I would be nervous on the day of the test. There was nothing I could do to avoid that, but there were plenty of things I could do to prepare. If I was prepared enough, I would do well and that was all I could hope for on the day of the exam. In order to give myself the confidence I needed going into the test, I got these practice tests and review to help me. First, I went through all of the review content, which I found very comprehensive and helpful. Then, I started testing myself. Once I got better at the tests because of my various review sessions, I realized I could do well on the real exam. I proved myself over and over again on the practice tests and that told me that the real exam was going to be something I could get through as well. I know working in a pharmacy is going to throw a lot of unexpected things my way and there was no way to know exactly what to expect from the test, but with this study guide I knew everything I could going into it and felt as prepared as possible.

  • Kindle Customer - Wonderful Addition to the Series

    Wow - Hunter is in for a big surprise when he goes to the wedding and runs into Roni not realizing that she's Declan's cousin, and that she has a whopper of a secret. Can they work out their differences to get a HEA?

  • kelly k - Helped with my sciatica.

    I get sciatica to the point I can't sleep at night. I have tried a variety of ointments, oils, lotions and made my own blends with essential oil. I have found done some relief with the above mentioned solutions but an am always on the lookout for a product that will provide more relief. I came across this product and decided to give it a try.

  • technophobic - Delighted

    After 15plus years of TurboTax, now a first-year user of TaxACT, and I couldn't be happier. $12.99 for a package that would have cost me $150 with TT. (I use Schedule A, B, C and D, and depreciation schedules.) Saying goodbye to slimy Intuit: priceless!! Switch-over was painless. Overall, entering the data is as easy as it was with TT -- at one point, TaxACT is even better as it allows for overrides where TurboTax has limited the override capability more and more. The import of my 1099 forms is manual, however it is a minimal effort, in the course of which I discovered that one automated import last year dropped taxes withheld: either the bank did the wrong encoding of the 1099 form or the TT software did the wrong decoding. In any case, an unexpected refund for me. (I did not choose the bundle because my state makes it super easy to enter the data directly on the website of the state revenue department.) (I have TaxACT running on Vista and on Windows 8.1 in desk top mode - no problem in either case.)

  • Aretenno - Top Of the Line with no Competition

    Until they follow suit with the others McAfee, Norton, EZ Armor, AGW, Webroot and the rest becoming far to invasive and controlling I 've found them to be a company that delivers as advertised without the constant hassle that has ruined so many others. I still use however Window Washer from Webroot.

  • Kindle Customer - Bought for Grandson

    Works well on computer and this is what my grandson was looking for. He enjoys playing it and he can do on the computer.