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  • Jeffery F Ghezzi - For the price they could have supplied better grade screws or stainless

    I agree with all the comments except the screws and allen wrench are JUNK. The wrench is a sloppy fit into the allen heads and without much pressure the heads strip. I would not use the bolts that came with the cross bars if I had it to do over. For the price they could have supplied better grade screws or stainless .

  • Erin - Outstanding for the cost

    I have played badminton occasionally over the years, always using the cheap racquets you buy at Target or Wal-Mart. My daughter is dating a young man that also plays recreationally and uses the el-cheapo racquets. The four of us were playing a couple weeks ago and broke strings on 2 of his racquets. He stated that he had a stack of racquets at home with broken strings. So, knowing basically nothing about badminton racquets, I came to Amazon to see if I could purchase him some nice ones for a decent price. Based on reviews, I ordered these. I was a little apprehensive because they were only $30, but when they arrived I could immediately tell a HUGE difference in the quality of the racquets compared to the cheap ones. These are steel and supposedly weigh more than the carbon fiber ones. Well, the carbon fiber ones must be weighless because these are ligher than the cheap ones he had. They are also much tighter strung than the cheap racquets. We played for about 90 minutes the night we got these and never broke a string. They feel great and are very easy to quickly move around to get that fast shot when the shuttle is flying right at you. For recreational, family fun, I don't see how you could beat the quality of these racquets for the price. We didn't use the shuttle cocks that came with it. We bought some others that were highly recommended, and the bag they come in is kinda cheap, but who cares.....you're using the racquets and they are great. I would definitely buy these again.

  • MoonWalkBoots - Some info on this product

    I was introduced to this product in 2006 by a cashier at a local head shop. I needed it for a job at a local call center. Basically I used it and it worked. A few things I did during the week leading up to the drug test was:

  • Amazon Customer - frizzy hair this shampoo is great! It has some conditioner in with the cleaner

    If you have curly, frizzy hair this shampoo is great! It has some conditioner in with the cleaner. It helps my hair to lay more flat. I used to look like Alice in the Dilbert cartoon. Now things are much better. My hairdresser recommended it to me.

  • Blaire G. - Very Disappointed!

    Save your Money! Expensive, Burnt my Hair, Awkward, Curls Don't Last. I knew before purchasing that it "took some time to get use to it" but I would just like to reiterate that it is extremely awkward to try to use. Plus, even if you get it right, the curls only look good for maybe 1 hr MAX. I have naturally curly hair and have never had a problem holding curl- these fall flat within a very limited amount of time. On top of everything, it basically burns your hair- after only using it a few times, it has caused so much damage that my hair refuses to curl naturally.