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South Carolina Drug Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The South Carolina Drug Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

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  • Mrs. Stntn - Not happy

    This cream did not do what it was supposed to do, but I didn't want to mess with mailing it back for full refund. I just will not order any more! I was hoping it helped with my knee pain but didn't do anything. I am going to try something else.

  • forte - updated player list

    Just what I was looking for...a consistently updated player ranking list with projections. Works fine for me on original Kindle, though I do have to click on it twice for it to run. Some of the projections are not updated, but the rankings are, and player news is timely as well

  • Sean Mighty - Wonderful Product!!!

    Okay, before I go any further I'd like to say congratulations to you Mr. Kern, without a doubt your line of products are truly effective. I was actually looking to purchase an acne treatment when I came across this product, at first I was a bit skeptical due to the price - I kept thinking how can a product this inexpensive be effective. Anyway, I started reading the product details & reviews, watched the videos and was truly impressed at the whole presentation. I went ahead with the purchase & received the items well within the promised delivery date, I started noticing a difference in my skin by day 4, The Regimen made my skin become noticeably smoother & clearer. I've always been plagued by acne ever since my early teens & for some reason the right side of my face is always the worst but now it's all cleared up.

  • hiredgoon - Excellent Hiking Boots

    I'm going to be doing some major traveling in all kind of conditions, mostly warmer/tropical, with lots of walking, hiking, and likely encountering wet seasons. I wanted a boot that didn't look like a hiking boot that could take the place of sneakers/hiking shoes and going out/casual shoes/boots. These and a pair of Sorley boots were the only ones I could find that come close. These are pretty sharp looking, super comfortable, incredibly lightweight, and the waterproofing doesn't seem to stifle your feet. These come in both mid and low cut. I opted for the mids for extra ankle support plus I find them easier to deal with when wearing long pants. Great support and you can take out the insole to put in your own if you want or it wears out and the rest of the boots are still in solid shape.

  • Josh - yeah buddy!!

    So this was my first set of "Big boy" clubs...lol. Finally replaced my hoge poge craigslist set and I love them. Need to go to the driving range and find my distance again though, getting about 20-30 yards more out of these.

  • Holly Schoenbauer - Cant hurt to try it.

    Last thing to try for our colicky 5 week old. I honestly dont know if it helped. It wasnt magic. But it didnt hurt. We still use this and he is 15 weeks now and a totally different baby. But i dont know if it was THIS that made the difference or just age.

  • TomNY - Better than bombing your house!!!

    1st off I want to say that this stuff does work and it works well, flies will drop well like flies and you can mix it with water to use around the house, but the clean-up is a long monotonous process, my wife asked me to never use this again, but I thought it was worth it. One side effect we noticed is that you finger nails and hair will grow faster, you can ingest this product but you cant inhale it, so use a mask when applying paying special attention to the corners and doorways!