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  • Allison Cangelosi` - This book was amazing. It was cool to see all of the twists and turns in her life

    I wanna recommend this book to anyone else who wants to know about the twists and turns in a girls life. I have this book a 5 star rating because I was interested in her friends and family members support her to get through many WARS!!!!!!!!-_-

  • Jackie J - Maybe not for all hair types?

    I read every review. Every comment, I could find on this product and how to use it... I tried every way... Each time my hair felt dry and horrible after use. I waited, and waited for it to start working. I keep reading to make sure I read the suggestions properly. I'd read the back of the bottle EVERY single time I used it... My hair literally felt like if you grabbed a bunch of strands in both hands and 'snapped' the hair in half, instead of bending like flexible healthy hair should, it would just break in half...