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  • http://www.sodbrennen-welt.de/gastro/201302-Wahn--Ausrottung-aller-Bakterien.htm Wahn: Ausrottung aller Bakterien. - Seit etwa 60 Jahren wird immer deutlich, wie absolut überlebenswichtig die Mikroorganismen auf und im Körper sind, zum Beispiel im Magen- und Darmbereich ('Darmflora'). Damals erschien es nämlich erstmals möglich, die im 19. Jahrhundert entstandene Idee von der 'Therapia magna sterilisans' mit Hilfe von Penicillin und späteren Antibiotika umzusetzen. Diese Idee besagt, Krankheiten könnten durch völlige Abtötung aller Krankheitserreger besiegt werden. Seither befindet sich die Menschheit global im antibiotischen Kampf gegen die Welt der Mikroben, versucht an Bakterien zu vernichten, was nur irgend möglich ist. Sei es bei erkrankten Lebewesen, sei es in Fabriken oder in Wohnungen - überall ist das Ziel, Bakterien zu kontrollieren und zu vernichten.
  • http://www.sodbrennen-welt.de/news/201301-Gewichtsreduktion-hilft-gegen-Sodbrennen.htm Gewichtsreduktion hilft gegen Sodbrennen. - Dicksein ist ungesund, das ist seit Urzeiten klar. Wie ungesund, das wird erst allmählich klar. Zum Beispiel durch eine norwegische Untersuchung, die ziemlich eindeutige Hinweise bringt, dass eine Gewichtsreduktion um so mehr Beschwerden wie Sodbrennen oder saures Aufstoßen reduziert, je ausgeprägter die Pfunde purzeln.
  • http://www.sodbrennen-welt.de/news/201212-Antireflux-Massnahmen-helfen-bei-kindlicher-Mittelohrentzuendung.htm Antireflux-Maßnahmen helfen bei kindlicher Mittelohrentzündung. - Einer der häufigsten Anlässe für Kinderarzt-Besuche und gleichzeitig eine der am häufigsten falsch behandelten Erkrankungen ist die Mittelohr-Entzündung ('Otitis media'). Die schon lange bestehende Vermutung, dass eine Antireflux-Therapie heilsame Auswirkungen auf die Otitis media hat, konnten US-Ärzte eindrucksvoll belegen.
  • http://www.sodbrennen-welt.de/news/201212-Gesunder-Schlaf-und-regelmaessiges-ruhiges-Essen-schuetzen-vor-Sodbrennen.htm Gesunder Schlaf und regelmäßiges, ruhiges Essen schützen vor Sodbrennen. - Oft unwirksame Medikamenten und falsche Hinweise zur Lebensführung verbessern nicht gerade den Umgang mit Sodbrennen und anderen Reflux-Beschwerden. Eine japanische Studie zeigt jetzt immerhin, welche Lebensstil-Einflüsse tatsächlich eine Bedeutung haben. Und - so die Hoffnung - Beschwerden nachhaltig zu lindern helfen.
  • http://www.sodbrennen-welt.de/news/201212-Unverdautes-Pflanzenmaterial-im-Magen--Coca-Cola-loest-alles-auf.htm Unverdautes Pflanzenmaterial im Magen: Coca-Cola löst alles auf. - Als Lebensmittel völlig untauglich, zur Auflösung von unverdauten Pflanzenmassen im Magen ('Phyto-Bezoar') aber bestens geeignet: Coca-Cola.

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  • Janet Campbell - Dependable and powerful program.

    Took me a while to get used to the "ribbon"--had been using Outlook 2003--but this is a dependable, powerful program. I prefer to have my e-mail client on my PC rather than on the web, and this program is ideal for that (note: this is not the online Microsoft Outlook). I just wish it was easier to sync with Google Calendar. I prefer the Outlook Version and would have liked to be able to import items from the Google One that I use on my tablet and phone . . . On the whole, I'd recommend this.

  • Terri - I already have the HP series but love these illustrated books

    I already have the HP series but love these illustrated books. Hope they keep coming out with them, although for the larger volumes, it might be more of a challenge. Still hoping tho . . .

  • T. Troy - True Believer in T25!

    Well, because I am one of the most skeptical people I know and have had little to no success in the past with other programs, I bought T25 really hoping it would help me lose weight. As a last-ditch effort, I poured my heart into this one, and I can safely say that I am MORE THAN PLEASED with the results I have experienced. Granted, I did not experience the quick weight loss that other testimonials express, but I noticed within the first two weeks a change in the way I was shaped. My clothing began to fit less tight! I started in July and by December, I had lost 21 lbs and several inches throughout my body. I am excited and proud of what I have accomplished. What kept me going was seeing my clothing getting more and more loose. I am now looking to buy other Shaun T videos and hope to continue losing weight and seeing the inches disappear. Believe me, if you have given up or are about to, try this program first. Do all you can to stay on the schedule, watch what you eat, and you will see results!

  • Amazon Addict - Elixir

    I recently purchased this product based on many of the reviews, I've been using it for a week, so obviously it is still too soon to see if it has made a difference to my hair. The taste is okay, it does not taste horrible like many people are saying, it is sweet to me and it leaves a weird after taste so I usually drink or eat something afterwards. It did not thicken when I put it in the fridge. I did not break out, all of the ingredients are in vitamins, so if you break out from the drink then you might break out from vitamin pills too. I have noticed that my nails are harder and are growing quickly, my nails would always chip and break easily but they haven't since I started using Elixir, my skin is the same no difference, but at the same time I don't have any skin problems. I will do a hair update once I have taken it for a month or so, three more weeks to go.

  • PrimingBySue - Lasts for ages - our kid will be in it until age 5 at this rate

    We purchased this seat when our 12month old outgrew his first car seat so I cannot comment on the infant adaptor or use for a small infant. I went with this because I lived for 6 years in Germany and Maxi Cosi is THE brand there for car seats and safety features. I must say, we have since had him in other car seats and this is by far the most comfy and practical, albeit somewhat bulky. We had it rear facing at first and it was really easy to install both ways. The cupholder is a plus since he likes to drink and snack in the car. The headrest with side pads is height adjustable with a quick click lever behind that allows you to set it higher or lower, and 'grows' with him. It is easy to tighten the straps by pulling the strap at the front, though releasing is a little more tedious (the release latch is underneath the cover and you have to fiddle a little to push it down properly at the front of the seat). What could be better: He has had one or two 'major incidents' (puke or other things) all over and it was quite an act to take the cover off for a thorough wash though I do have to say that it is still a lot simpler than the more straightforward looking infant seat we have which is a feat. The Walnut brown is a nice color, though does show liquid stains a little and as mentioned is not the easiest to launder. The nooks and crannies in the plastic base are also difficult to clean out. However, wiping down small spills is easy. Also, the tipping or reclining feature really does not make much of a difference in terms of angle - it only adjust a little once fitted properly and securely. Overall my little guy loves the seat though (and that is an achievement - since he hates being restrained, period.) It is very comfy but quite bulky - if you had two of these in a normal sedan there is no way a person would fit in between. We have it in our Prius 2007 and it fits just fine with enough room all around. Would buy again in a heartbeat - even at this price point.

  • Sarah Chapman - The games all transfered over from her Leappad 2 which is nice, I didn't have to re buy anything

    I got this for my 4 yr old for her Birthday as an upgrade from the Leappad 2. It's Ok, or maybe we are just spoiled with the speed and quality of iPads and Kindles.