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  • Mark R. Hoffman - Helpful for investors

    This book is very helpful for those of us who invest in wood toilet seat companies or trade in wood toilet seat futures. Using the information from this book, I made a fortune! Unfortunately, I got greedy and bet on the expansion of the wooden toilet seat market in Guangxi province. However, seems the warm and very wet climate (of which I was not aware) is not the best place for wooden toilet seats. All my aforementioned profits went down the toilet. I am now poorer, but wiser.

  • M Newman - Dissapointingly useless

    Bought this to prop up my wobbly kitchen table as I figured 'Well there has to be SOME use for the poor little thing.' but unfortunately, it's a little bit too Thick.

  • Emilee - Excellent for the price.

    The camera has a G-sensor built-in for Emergency Lock Button & Accident Auto Detection, which can automatically lock the current video clip to prevent over-writing of evidence in the case of an accident. This camera provides very high quality video, with even very fine details clearly visible. I am happy with the features of this dashcam and I know if I want much better than this, I will have to pay a lot more.

  • flyemlow - Poor Wifi capabilities

    Works great if using the WiFi within 20 foot or so. Had a Motorola DOCSIS 2.0 before this that would send a WiFi signal across the entire house and out into the back yard which was great for the patio smart TV and streaming music around the fire pit. This thing is lame. Shopping for a different one now

  • Cincinnati Kid - It Stinks

    This software has caused me nothing but problems. I've installed it twice at different times, on Windows 8 machines, with the same bad results. Everything is fine for a short time, then it starts causing problems, including instability. With Bitdefender installed, my computer recently lost its DSL internet connection. Nothing I tried would bring it back. I uninstalled Bidefender because I didn't have this problem before it was installed, and that caused a host of other problems. Like, I had to restore my registry to a time earlier than the Bitdefender installation because uninstalling it caused PC instability/error messages/problems. This software does not uninstall well, and in my experience, is full of bugs and issues. At least for me. Interestingly, I reinstalled Webroot, which I had been running, and all is well including my internet connection. I've never had any problems with Webroot. After all the headaches I've had with Bitdefender, however, I have to say - never again. I've had it with this Bitdefender and absolutely would not recommend it.

  • Amazon Customer - It didn't make me feel jittery like a lot of diet products

    This is my first day trying this product. It didn't make me feel jittery like a lot of diet products. I'm excited to continue this products and to see results!