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Simply Chiropractic - Gentle Chiroprator in Menomonie, WI - Laser - Weight Loss - Simply Chiropractic - Menomonie, WI - Chiropractic without cracking, twisting or popping. Free massage after each chiropractic visit. Light Therapy/Cold Laser available!

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  • C. C. Jones - Excellent. Exceeded my expectations.

    I've always been on a mission to reduce the cost of my shaving, as I am a bit of a cheapskate. Still, I appreciate and am willing to pay for good quality. Hence, I will not use the cheap plastic low-price razors that come in the bulk bags. Previously, I had used the Gillette Fusion, but found that the Schick Hydro 5 was less expensive but also provided an excellent shave. This still is not a low priced razor -- just less so than the Fusion. I've lived with a tension between my need for a good shave (and I have a sensitive face) and my dissatisfaction with paying so much for it. Now, I find stellar reviews for the not-well-known Dorco Pace 6 Plus on some of the shaving websites and a much lower cost.

  • Elmo - The DHEA Breakthrough

    The author has done research on DHEA for years. He is a medical doctor and has made this his niche, He stresses diet and exercise to a great extint. After reading the book, I began to wonder if the diet and exercise would be just as successful to solving the health problems mentioned without the DHEA. I am still not convinced that DHEA is more than just a dietary supplement that alternative health stores are using as another miracle break through drug to keep the cash registers jingling. If it is so great why hasn't there been major testing by major drug companies. I would like to see some factual, verified results from real research. You can search the internet, and come up with the same info that this book has. It just won't sound as convincing this doctor would lead us to believe.