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Nilfisk ALTO | AUTORYZOWANY DYSTRYBUTOR - Nilfisk-ALTO - sprzedaz, serwis myjek wysokocisnieniowych, odkurzaczy, zamiatarek, szorowarek, parownic, czesci, akcesoriw i chemii firmy Nilfisk-ALTO.

  • http://www.silentservice.pl/products/odkurzanie Odkurzanie | Nilfisk ALTO - Nilfisk-ALTO - sprzedaż, serwis myjek wysokociśnieniowych, odkurzaczy, zamiatarek, szorowarek, parownic, części, akcesoriów i chemii firmy Nilfisk-ALTO.

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    City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • Layla - Bad outweighed the good

    Although it did improve my mood, it made me gain weight and get bloaty, and it gave me bad, metalic breath. For me it was not a viable solution.

  • Kindle Customer - The Best Internet and Anti-Virus Program On The Market!

    I use Norton 360 for over two years and it would hardly update at all! I removed Norton and downloaded Avast and Avast found 151 infected files! Avast sometimes updates twice a day not twice a month! Also it stops me from going on dangerous websites! I am more impressed with Avast and the way it performs than any other program on my desktop!

  • ray272 - It took a while for me to get the device ...

    It took a while for me to get the device to work. I finally used the option, via the 'Pro App', to Auto Detect. This worked and it did it with out being hard wired. It did it wirelessly. The camera seems to work well enough, but not for what I am trying to achieve. One of the things I wanted to do was to zoom in and out on subjects. The camera is presented as at "PTZ" camera, but only does the (P)an and the (T)ilt. They seem to have left out the (Z)oom. The Zoom is one of the main reasons I purchased this camera and I do believe that the listing is misleading. The heading on the Amazon Page states "Pyle PIPCAM25 Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera with ((PTZ: Pan and Tilt Control)), 10 Night Vision LEDs - P2P Remote Monitoring for your Home on a Desktop or the Apple Android Mobile App", Mentions the PTZ, then states Pan and Tilt Control???? Little mis-direction in my opinion!

  • David G. Aimi - So far so good.

    Day 2 of taking these. No rashes, no raised heartrate. I consume alot of the natural ingredients in this so my body may be used to the ingredients. Took 2 evrn had a diet coke and I'm fine...no elevated heart rate or hot temp feeling.